- Sunday, 11 October 2015 -

Banishing Those Sunday Blues

Hello you lovely lot! Like a dark cloud descending above us, as soon as Sunday night comes around our stomachs are in knots as we so badly grasp onto the remaining remnants of the weekend. During the winter months especially as the days grow darker, I find this anxiety tends to intensity as Monday looms over you and a new week of challenges lie ahead. However, over the past years I've come to learn that this feeling of dread is completely natural and that there are in fact a few tips and tricks to combat those dreaded Sunday night blues.

1/ Make plans for Monday - In order to defuse the building dread of the week ahead, why not plan for some things that are worth looking forward to - lunch with a friend, a night at the cinema, post-work drinks - you may not be able to shrink the responsibilities of the coming week, but you can make Monday's more fun.

2/ Have a little 'me time' - Why not dedicate those dreaded Sundays to a much-needed pamper session? Turn your Sunday into something to get excited about, like curling up with your favourite book or having a well-deserved binge on Netflix.

3/ Busy yourself - You know the old saying, time flies when you're having fun, so make Sunday go by in a blink by making yourself busy! Make Sunday a designated day for hobbies or chores, you'll find that the more you do, the less you'll think about the looming week ahead.

4/ Sleep, sleep and more sleep - Sunday is commonly referred to as the day of rest, so have a duvet day and unplug for a while. Don't feel guilty for being "unproductive", this is your day off and you can do with it as you wish!

5/ Identify the problem - Just can't seem to relax? Then take some time to reflect upon your worries and woes to pinpoint the problem. Perhaps getting in touch with some friends or colleagues can help alleviate your fears. And remember, you've survived countless Mondays in the past, you CAN do this.

6/ Escape - Cabin fever sometimes tends to set in when we're home alone with no tasks to spur us on. Don't sit in staring at the four walls - go out and make your own entertainment. Get a breath of fresh air by heading to the shops or hitting the gym, you'll find Sunday will go faster if you fill it with activities!

7/ Make a change - If you find yourself repeatedly anxious week after week, perhaps a short-term solution isn't the answer. Ask yourself if what you're currently doing makes you happy, maybe it's your job or your university course that fills you full of dread. Remember that it's YOUR life and that you deserve every happiness!

  1. great tips, i'm always dreading monday as it comes to sunday bedtime! sometimes it's good to plan for the positive things going on in the coming week :) x


  2. Love this post! I always spend my Sunday evenings pampering myself before a busy week :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  3. Love this! :) I've got a similar post tomorrow about beating those Monday blues!

    My sundays are for face masks, baths, hair masks, nail painting and general pamper time! Such a good end to the weekend! :)

    Beverley. xx

  4. Sunday nights suck !!! But your tips sound like I can make them feel a little better... :) Thanks for the advice

    Almost Everything

  5. I love to spend Sundays blogging and listening to music it definitely helps to relax x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave | Blog Sale

  6. Sunday evening pampering sessions are a must! Plus - in my opinion - there's not better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than relaxing before the rush of Monday morning comes around again.


  7. Sundays are for not feeling guilty about anything days! :D x


  8. Sunday is for sorting out the rest of the week, getting last minute things done and chilling! loved this post xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  9. Never really thought about making fun plans on a Monday to kick start the new week. Gonna give this a try! Thanks!

    Ashleigh x

    Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle, Food, Photography and Fashion blog ♡

  10. Sunday for me are all about the hobbies! It's my day to learn or experiment with something new photo or food wise - always such a relaxing day! xx

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura

  11. I make Sundays my blogging days so I'm always excited about them!

    Be | lovefrombe

  12. I've always had a rule that Sundays are the one day where I do only what I want to do. For example, yesterday I spent most of my morning with some of my favorite people at church and the rest of the day playing The Sims 4. I don't put pressure or due dates on myself, and I am always refreshed for Monday!

  13. Sunday night blues are literally the worst, I've just started doing some temp work and I can't say it's the most exciting job I've ever done, so I've ended up getting the Sunday blues so badly recently - definitely going to have to try some of your tips. The pamper day sounds tempting!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  14. I'm bookmarking this! I still get this feeling even now, working for myself haha! So weird. Thanks lovely! xxx p.s. Feeling spoiled with your recent abundance of posts, yay! xx

  15. Number 4 is my most favourite point EVER!
    I absolute love having Sundays nights as me time - switching off and slobbing in front of netflix or otherwise. It bugs me when people go on about how they feel lazy doing it - pff, that's the point, just get on with it!

    I loveeeeee this post!

    Laura | elelibee

  16. Great pieces of advice I absolutely love keeping busy. I'm also a huge fan of your IG I just checked it out and your photos are so pretty! <3


  17. These are great tips. Everyone does different things with their weekend. I'm definitely more of a hermit on Sundays but that's usually due to a night out beforehand!

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  18. Love this post. Great tips for destressing and getting rid of anxiety on a Sunday <3

  19. Amazing tips and really great advice for those Sunday blues, Claire, I definitely needed to read this today! I love the idea of making a list and having some me-time before Monday rolls around too. Thank you for the tips lovely! - Tasha

  20. I love having a pamper session on a Sunday evening, it really sets me up for the week ahead, it's like pushing the reset button. Sundays are usually my dedicated blogging days too so that's a bonus, I get to distract myself with something I love for an entire day before I have to face the real world and the day job come Monday morning!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  21. I used to get really bad sunday blues, but then I started thinking of Monday as a "fresh start" and that really helped! There's some great tips here, I'm going to bookmark it for the future x

    Claudia Harriet