- Sunday, 11 October 2015 -

Banishing Those Sunday Blues

Hello you lovely lot! Like a dark cloud descending above us, as soon as Sunday night comes around our stomachs are in knots as we so badly grasp onto the remaining remnants of the weekend. During the winter months especially as the days grow darker, I find this anxiety tends to intensity as Monday looms over you and a new week of challenges lie ahead. However, over the past years I've come to learn that this feeling of dread is completely natural and that there are in fact a few tips and tricks to combat those dreaded Sunday night blues.

1/ Make plans for Monday - In order to defuse the building dread of the week ahead, why not plan for some things that are worth looking forward to - lunch with a friend, a night at the cinema, post-work drinks - you may not be able to shrink the responsibilities of the coming week, but you can make Monday's more fun.

2/ Have a little 'me time' - Why not dedicate those dreaded Sundays to a much-needed pamper session? Turn your Sunday into something to get excited about, like curling up with your favourite book or having a well-deserved binge on Netflix.

3/ Busy yourself - You know the old saying, time flies when you're having fun, so make Sunday go by in a blink by making yourself busy! Make Sunday a designated day for hobbies or chores, you'll find that the more you do, the less you'll think about the looming week ahead.

4/ Sleep, sleep and more sleep - Sunday is commonly referred to as the day of rest, so have a duvet day and unplug for a while. Don't feel guilty for being "unproductive", this is your day off and you can do with it as you wish!

5/ Identify the problem - Just can't seem to relax? Then take some time to reflect upon your worries and woes to pinpoint the problem. Perhaps getting in touch with some friends or colleagues can help alleviate your fears. And remember, you've survived countless Mondays in the past, you CAN do this.

6/ Escape - Cabin fever sometimes tends to set in when we're home alone with no tasks to spur us on. Don't sit in staring at the four walls - go out and make your own entertainment. Get a breath of fresh air by heading to the shops or hitting the gym, you'll find Sunday will go faster if you fill it with activities!

7/ Make a change - If you find yourself repeatedly anxious week after week, perhaps a short-term solution isn't the answer. Ask yourself if what you're currently doing makes you happy, maybe it's your job or your university course that fills you full of dread. Remember that it's YOUR life and that you deserve every happiness!

- Friday, 9 October 2015 -

Review: Too Faced Love Flush

Hello my lovelies! It's pink and it looks like a Polly Pocket compact, what's not to love? Not one to alternate between blushes too much, I thought I'd treat myself and opt for a new one (thank you student loan!). Having previously purchased from Too Faced, I deemed this a worthy investment even if it did come to £24 in total, I mean, come on look at it! Not available in the UK yet, I bought this from an online import store and was counting down the minutes until it finally popped through my postbox. In the past, I've had a few bad experiences when ordering power-based products - due to carelessness in the postal service I have been victim to a few blushes arriving in absolute smithereens, powder everywhere and no word of an apology from the company. 

I held my breath as I tentatively opened the tiny compact, pleasantly relieved to find the powder intact! With 5 other shades to choose from, I of course opted for the pinkest and prettiest of the collection 'Justify My Love', which is a lovely pale pink peppered with subtle little flecks of glitter. I love the attention to detail that went into creating this compact, with a floral frame and tiny bunny motifs pressed into the powder, I'm actually a bit reluctant to use it, afraid to brush away the adorable design. After studying the intricate detail of the blush I managed to move my eyes north to notice the gorgeous little mirror included in the compact, something a girl on the go can never be short of!

Too Faced's Love Flush blush boasts an impressive 16 hour long resistance, which is good for people like me who hate taking the time to top up their makeup regularly. Never straying away from the pastel pinks, I'm quite excited to give this a go and replace it with my current go-to blush from Benefit. Additionally, the compact itself isn't so big to make it inconvenient and not so small to make it fiddly and losable, so I absolutely love how you can just pop in in your purse and even use it for the cute mirror if you're not using it as the blush, win-win!

- Wednesday, 7 October 2015 -

Telling Your Friends About Your Blog

Hello my lovelies! Growing up there was a gaping hole in my life, with friends pursuing sport, music, drama and art, I felt barren in my achievements. I looked on with green eyes as friends would gush about their array of medals, trophies and awards, completely bewildered over how someone could keep their studies-to-hobbies ratio balanced (all the while battling through puberty and teenagerism? Pffft, come on!). It wasn't until I got cosy on this little corner of the internet where I began to feel that I'd finally found 'my thing'.

For the longest time, my mum was my blog's biggest (and only) fan, apart from sharing snippets here and there of blogposts on Twitter - a social platform that the majority of my friends refrain from having - blogging remained one of those things that only celebrities and fashion companies kept. However, as I began to promote more posts on the likes of a more universally used platform like Instagram, messages began to trickle in from friends and family alike.

In this internet-dominated era of 2015, blogging still remains a hobby shrouded in mystery to the general public. I get quizzed a lot about what exactly it is I write about on this little blog 'o mine, to which I answer: "anything and everything." As my blog began to gain more momentum in my social circles, I did find it difficult opening up and discussing more sensitive topics, such as my mental health and past experiences with bullying. I was afraid of what people would say, imagining a tidal wave of whispers behind my back, judging me for being so candid. 

The reality however, turned out to be quite the opposite. Not only was there support flooding in from friends and family, but even people whom I'd went to school with were taking the time to send me their kind words, it was a really humbling feeling. I guess it's because nothing fun or out of the ordinary ever happens back in the little town where I grew up, so seeing someone really relish in doing something different can bring confidence to those wanting to do something different with their lives too.

Now, when I'm home and visiting friends their questions go something like this: "So how's university? How's your other half? How's the blog?" And I can't begin to tell you how elated I am that they now recognise this little corner of the web as being part of my life! It now feels good being able to let your hair down and go into crazy photographer mode as you get that shot "for the blog" without feeling any prior judgement from them, you can finally be yourself without having to explain your obsessive love of peonies and marble.

So, dear readers, let your friends in on your blog, let them be a part of your journey, and who knows, one day maybe they could even start a blog, wouldn't it be amazing to think that it was you who inspired them?