- Wednesday, 3 June 2015 -

15 Blogger Problems

Hello my lovelies! What most don't realise before beginning a blog is how it can completely consume your life. Your experiences, be they big or small, all become inspiration for a potential blogpost; you find yourself spending a gruelling amount of time prepping the likes of your food for photos because if you don't Instagram it, it obviously didn't happen. For me, having a blog isn't merely a hobby, it's a lifestyle choice - a vessel and online version of myself that I can pour my heart and soul into, it's a means of preserving precious memories and a way to make new ones. However, blogging doesn't come without its problems, because with every perfectly crafted post I publish is a disheveled girl who has written a draft, deleted and written it again only to realise upon hitting publish that there are about 100 grammatical errors in the post #bloggerproblems

1/ As soon as there's a new social media app released, everyone rushes to secure their username in accordance with their blog name (damn you fineanddandy1!)

2/ Limiting your Primark haul to essentials only, socks, hair ties etc and kicking yourself when you didn't purchase that sassy summer dress, because nothing haunts us like the things we didn't buy

3/ Having an absolute gem of a blog post idea only for someone beat you to it

4/ Attending an event or visiting a phenomenal place only to have forgotten your camera. But oh, I have my camera phone right? Wrong, it's on it's last legs with about 2% battery remaining

5/ Having a huge photo session, and taking about 500 photos only to end up using about 5

6/ The willpower that comes with not using products before you've photographed them first

7/ Home stores and craft shops become an endless source of props and backgrounds for blog photographs

8/ Meticulously skimming through your post numerous times, convinced there are no spelling errors in sight, only to hit publish and it's the first one you see on the screen, taunting you

9/ Going into Boots or Lush for one thing and leaving with the entire store

10/ Having more online friends than you do in real life, and thusly seeming a lot cooler on the internet than you actually are (which proves prettttyyy awkward when you meet up at blogger events)

11/ The extensive preparation that goes on behind blogging - the tidying up, the photographing, the lighting, editing, responding to comments, interacting on social media...

12/ The winter months i.e. the bane of any bloggers life. Where there's a brief window of light between the hours of 12:45pm and 12:48pm

13/ Looking back at old blog posts and cringing

14/ Doing absolutely anything for a good blog photograph, be it risking your life on top of a chair for that perfect flatlay angle or having people stare at you like a crazy person in the street as you pose for outfit photos

15/ Realising that the postman is basically the adult-version of Santa Claus and feeling the excitement building as you sprint to open the front door

  1. oh my gosh this is brilliant! most of these are true for me! I don't go on all social media platforms, because to be honest, it's hard enough to keep up with the ones I already have...

    by the way, your photo is perfect!


  2. Ha, all incredibly true! Although you did forget my personal favourite - the selfish other half who thinks it's ok to tuck into any meal or snack without it being photographed beautifully first. That is never ok.
    The spelling one is my personal bugbear, no matter how many times you read that through there's always one pesky blighter that gets away.
    M x

  3. Yes yes yes I can totally relate omg :D


  4. I love this haha!! All so so true!! :') Xx

  5. It's not just me then!! Thank you I did wonder if these things only happened to me and I was doing it all wrong haha! As much as I love blogging, I do sometimes reminisce about the time BB (before blogging) when I could actually just buy something, tear open the wrapping and use it. The worst is when you get something on a monday, but due to working can't photo it until the Saturday, which means it sits there taunting me all week! xx

    Laura | Loved By Laura

  6. This gave me a giggle! Especially the one about looking back at old posts and cringing, I do that a lot! When I first started blogging, I didn't really have a theme to anything and my writing was awful. Now I feel happier I've settled into moving more into sharing my love of nature and getting more into photography and while my blog is probably quite nerdy in the sense of it's nowhere near half as cool as all the blogs I read, it's a lot easier to write new posts! Great post! - Tasha

  7. This is on point! I just had a brilliant idea recently, had all the plans to post it over the past weekend, just to see a few days before that another Slovenian blogger posted a very similar thing -.-


  8. This is absolutely brilliant especially the ones about the camera angles, couldn't be more thankful for my tripod! I understand the problem with the social media networks too, ha! :) xx


  9. Yes all this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111eleven!1!!! Love your list posts Claire, so relateable. Especially number 15 and the Dreaded Winter. I have yet to go and buy anything from lush... mostly because I know once I start I'll never be able to stop...

    Fii || little miss fii

  10. Haha love this =]


  11. This is a brilliant post. I can relate to a lot of these. I <3 the Postman haha xx


  12. I also NEVER seem to have my blog business cards with me when I need them. WHERE DO THEY GO? Are they sneaking out of my bag at night?!

    Aisling | aisybee.

  13. I loved reading this! Such a good, quick read!
    P.S.: No. 10 is so me!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

  14. Hahhah Claire this post is so so funny and relatable!
    I remember having a blogpost idea and then a youtuber made a video so I couldn't write it or I'd look like I was copying :L I definitely cringe at my blog for the first few months of it.
    Now It has improved miles.


  15. I'm currently going through the not using products until I've photographed them conundrum, driving me crazy I just keep forgetting to take the photo!


  16. I've only just started blogging but i can totally relate to a few of these especially the huge photo session, the other day i took just under 50 photos of my outfit and used around 5 haha! Loved the post xx

  17. Brilliant post and so TRUE !!


  18. Haha these are funny. I take so many photos and I use less than 1%. It's annoying when you take photos during the day when it's light, and upload them onto the computer only to realise they're all blurry - that's the bane of my life!

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  19. Omg this blog post is perfection <3 I can relate to everything you just said haha~ Bloody brilliant~

    She Will Be

  20. Hahahaha I love this post! So accurate!

    I think numbers 3,5,8,9,11,12,13,14 and 15 are literally my life :')


  21. LOVE at his post! So true, all of them. WAH,
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  22. haha! you've got this so spot on, especially not using products until you've taken a photo! I love it when Santa arrives every morning to work! x


  23. Crap, the feeling of reading old posts & asking myself WHAT YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING WITH YOUR BLOG??

    Areeba // I Have A Messy Bun

  24. Love this relate to them all!just found your blog it's lovely xx
    Glossy Boutique

  25. Haha I love number 15! That is so true :)


  26. These are all so so true but I think the most relatable has to be 9/ Going into Boots or Lush for one thing and leaving with the entire store.

    I just avoid that store now unless I know I have enough cash to bag a haul ha!

    Chloe Mary Davis | www.lovefromlucky.com

  27. So funny! For me, its not being able to eat a meal out until I've got the right instagram pic!

    Sophie Loves Food | Recipes & Reviews

  28. This was SO accurate. X-D It reminds me of that picture of a girl sitting in the corner of a school hallway, curled up with her laptop all alone that read "INTERNET FAMOUS PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE."

    US Lifestyle Blog // rebekahkoontzsite.com

  29. Blogging definately consumes a lot of our time, but I'm so glad I've decided to create a little space of my own and meet amazing people along the way (on social media of course LOL). As I'm reading your post, I'm thinking to myself "We as bloggers have so many similarities when it comes to creating a content, publishing it, editing photos, etc...". We never stop learning, creating and achieving something wonderful. My blogging goals are definately get better at photography ( I do need a good camera! ) and updating my blog design ( I love yours by the way! ).


  30. This is all too true and funny haha! I love it.
    It would be a perfect world to take one photo and have it look just the way you want, but I guess the struggle makes for a great final result!

    Great post hun! :)