- Sunday, 31 May 2015 -

My Top 7 Netflix Shows

Hello my lovelies! Let me set the scene for you all; it's a mundane Sunday afternoon with the rain battering down and boredom setting in. Today is definitely a duvet day as you cocoon yourself in blankets and gear yourself up for doing absolutely nothing at all, these are what I like to call 'The Netflix Days'. Netflix is a saviour for students and professionals alike, and as summer creeps ever closer, people find themselves with a little extra time on their hands, to relax, unwind and have a good old binge of all their favourite shows. 

However, with so much choice at our fingertips, we can sometimes find ourselves lost in the confusion of comedies, dramas and documentaries, simply not knowing where to start. So, you lucky lot, I've done my research (and by research I mean sat in bed in my pjs with nothing but a gallon of ice cream and Netflix to keep me company) and have compiled a little list of my top seven Netflix shows, ranging from reality tv to kids tv, I've squeezed in something for everyone!

1/ RuPaul's Drag Race: Having been on my radar for quite some time, I was waiting until summer time to dedicate myself to this gem of televisual genius. A selection of drag queens compete for the crown as 'America's Next Drag Superstar', catapulting their careers into the spotlight and winning a nice cash prize of $100,000. I could seriously watch this show all day (and I have, oops), racing through 7 seasons in a matter of weeks, this is a addictive watch - there's fashion and fierce bitching, what more could you possibly want? 

2/ Breaking Bad: As my favourite show of all time, it had to make an appearance in this list! Slightly disgruntled with life, a chemistry school teacher soon discovers he has cancer. Financially strained and worried for his family's sake for after he's gone, he puts his talents to good use in making meth. We follow his darkened journey as he embarks upon this whole new unexplored venture of drug dealing, and what started as an innocent purpose to provide for his family, soon manifests into a greed-driven power trip.

3/ Pretty Little Liars: During the entirety of the Easter break, Pretty Little Liars was pretty much my laptops screensaver I watched it that much. An amalgamation of Mean Girls meets Desperate Housewives - following their best friends untimely death, four girls are haunted and stalked by someone who knows all their secrets. With such leverage hanging over them, they find themselves forced to bend to the will of 'A' - the mystery menace behind all their blackmailing. This show has more twists and turns than Owen Wilson's nose (too mean?) and will leave you gasping for more.

4/ Orange is the New Black: Based on real-life events, we follow the story of Piper who's sent to prison after being convicted of transporting money for her drug dealing ex-girlfriend. This series sees Pipers struggle as she enters a woman's prison and is met with some pretty strong and outrageous characters. Growing up as a privileged white girl, she is completely thrown in this new environment, especially when she learns that her ex-girlfriend who got her into this mess in the first place is also taking up residence there. Hilarious and heartfelt, OITNB will always be a firm favourite of mine!

5/ Adventure Time: This is just one of those shows that instantly lifts your mood after you've watched an episode. In a nutshell, Finn the human and Jake the dog are best friends who spend their days adventuring and fighting bad guys. Living in the land of Ooo sees all kinds of weird stuff happen, and it needs Finn and Jake to help keep the peace and protect its people. With colourful characters and addictive melodies, this show really is a feast for the eyes and the ears.   

6/ American Horror Story: One for the horror fans! The thing I love most about this show is that every season plays host to a new theme with new characters - although the actors playing them remain the same. For instance, whilst season one saw the protagonists withstand the horrors of a haunted house, season two was set in a mental asylum. This show reigns superior to any horror movie I've ever seen as the explosive events keep you on the edge of your seat - even if you're like me and watch this in the middle of the daytime as you're too afraid to appreciate it in the dark. A really gripping show that'll have your heart in your throat from the moment you press play.

7/ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: As the brainchild of the AHH-mazing Tina Fey, my sides hurt with laughter from start to finish. Following the cautionary advice from a crazy cult leader, four women are convinced that the apocalypse is imminent, so of course they shut themselves away in an underground bunker for 15 years. After being freed, as one of the "mole women" Kimmy yearns to take back what's hers and head to New York city in pursuit of a new job, a new home and a new life. But of course, after being cooped up in an underground time capsule for so long, things have changed quite a bit, and so we follow her journey as she adapts to this brand new world.

Have you watched any of these shows?

- Saturday, 30 May 2015 -

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set Giveaway!

Hello my lovelies! Way back in February my little blog hit a very big milestone by turning one year old, and since then I’ve been biding my time for the opportune moment to host a fabulous giveaway for all my fabulous followers. Recently, there’s been a trend that’s seen bloggers swooning for more, from H&M furnishings to the Naked Palette 3, the glimmering rose gold has caught everyone’s eye. So, today as thanks for your continual love and support, I want to give away this ravishing Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Brush Set, injecting rose gold glamour into your regular makeup routine! 

Giveaway Rules!

  • You must be living in the UK to enter. Unfortunately I can not do an international giveaway as I simply can't afford the shipping at this moment in time! 
  • The giveaway begins on the 30th of May and will conclude on the 20th of July - giving you plenty of time to enter! However, if you enter after this time, your entry will not be valid.
  • The winner will be notified via Twitter and must respond within 3 days of being notified to claim their prize, if not, it will be given to another entry.
  • If there are any technical issues with my giveaway I will try my hardest to resolve them ASAP. But please remember that technical issues can happen and can't be helped so please be kind and patient if they do.
  • Lastly, please don't just follow and then unfollow, I am aware that this is quite common so I will be keeping an eye out for any sneaky activity!
Good luck lovelies!

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- Tuesday, 26 May 2015 -

The Kindness of the Blogging Community

Hello my lovelies! Along with the relief of my university deadlines being met this weekend, another surprise was waiting around the corner for me. Let's rewind the clocks back to about a week ago, I'd been sifting through social media and in a flash of colour and cuteness, a My Little Pony tote caught my eye. Quickly learning that it was from Primark, I decided to pay the store an impromptu visit in the hope of getting my grubby little paws on some glorious pony goodness. After stalking the accessory aisles for what seemed like an eternity, hoping to see any hint of colour or slight spark of a pony, I admitted defeat and returned home.

Of course I immediately informed Twitter of my disappointing day (first world problems, eh?) and it wasn't long before a friend found me and reached out. The phenomenal Pixie from Pixie Bebe came to my rescue kindly offering to send me out the tote as her nearest Primark had it stocked. After I was done squealing with delight I asked her for her Paypal details so I could pay her but she was having none of it - I was absolutely astonished. A few days later the prettiest package arrived through my letterbox and when I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes: my Primark My Little Pony tote came packed with a few treats!

This isn't the first time I've been completely gobsmacked by the generosity of the blogging community as my birthday saw a river of cards flowing through my letter box from blogger friends near and far. This kindness also resonates though the realms of social media as bloggers turn to each other for help and advice, and are always met with support and honesty. I can honestly say that I'd turn to my blog friends first for advice before I'd consult my personal friends - because if one of your tweets sounds even the tiniest bit off, bloggers will rally round you, enveloping you in a warm blanket of support. 

 So make someones day, even if it's just the simple act of liking a photo on Instagram, I promise you it'll make all the difference. When it comes to blogging, most people envision it to be a steady trickle of event invites and PR samples, but I'm telling you that those materialistic perks don't even come close to the true treasure you find behind blogging. I'm one of the lucky ones though, because some bloggers are just in it for the freebies, but me? I'm in it for the friends.


- Monday, 25 May 2015 -

Tsum Tsums - My Newest Obsession!

Hello my lovelies! Long time to see, eh? I've been quietly biding my time as I trudge through my university deadlines, waiting for the opportune moment when I can come back and give it my all, with no outside distractions hindering my blog posts. After happily handing in my last assignment of the year on Friday, I thought a little treat was in order, so naturally I sprinted to the nearest Clinton Cards in the hope of adding to my ever-growing Tsum Tsum collection!

Having not been on the scene for very long, Tsum Tsums are the adorable new epidemic among Disney fans and toy collectors alike, cylindrical in shape, these cuties were made for stacking! Right now, my collection is comprised of the Mini Tsum Tsums, which come in at a teeny weeny 3.5 inches, so they're perfect for filling up shelves or brightening up a boring old desk space. 

Probably the thing I love most about this new Disney range is the sheer amount of choice you have, because usually when it comes to Disney plushes, the classic characters are the main ones represented in the stores, like Mickey, Minnie etc. However, with Tsum Tsums, pretty much every character is up for grabs, prefer Ursula over Ariel from The Little Mermaid? Yup, they've even managed to make the Disney villains cute! With each Mini retailing at just £3 each, it's pretty damn hard to say no, and honestly, could you see yourself resisting those faces?