- Saturday, 4 April 2015 -

Penny For Your Thoughts

Hello my lovelies! Does anyone else find themselves engulfed in their own thoughts? Caught in a turbulent current of swirling emotions, there are times where I wish my mind could just switch off. At night time, when I'm lying in bed waiting for sweet sleep to carry me off to dreamland, I find that instead, a flurry of thoughts consume me, and while I wait for the usual stampede of stress to rear its ugly head, my mind plays host to what can only be described as complete randomness: "will they ever discover a new colour?" or "instead of elections, I'd like to see politicians go into the Hunger Games". 

I've always had a very colourful imagination and from time to time I do share my crazy little thoughts and theories with others - I remember I once mentioned to Martin that isn't it strange to think that the brain actually named itself (I'll just let that sink in), only to be met with a remark like "HOW do you think of these things?" So, I thought I'd share with you dear readers a taste of what goes on in the mind of someone who probably thinks a little bit too much...

I wish that everything I add to my basket when I do online shopping, will miraculously appear in my wardrobe

Why isn’t there a unicorn emoji?

The skin on coffee/soup/hot chocolate is evil

I wish I was a jar of Nutella. Then I’d make everyone happy.

Is it me or is Kevin Spacey really hot?

Whenever I don’t wear makeup it looks like I survived something fucking terrible

When I get a ladder in a new pair of tights it feels like the WHOLE UNIVERSE IS AGAINST ME

I wonder why dogs and cats hate each other so much, was there some sort of feral battle that history left out?

Rappers really scare me

Ya’know what I miss? Beanie babies, oh and toys in cereal boxes *sigh*

Imagine if a Lush store flooded though…

Do you ever just wish you had a tail? Just me? Okay.

Why can’t I have a cool name like Violet or Zelda or Princess Lululunatrixiebell

Whoever invented crocs obviously just wanted to watch the world burn

Why does Katy Perry think I feel like a plastic bag? 

Maybe I’ll just watch one more episode on Netflix *10 episodes later* WHY!?

Why couldn’t have Ariel from The Little Mermaid just written down what was happening to her?

  1. Haha I love the thoughts about Cats and Dogs and Lush, I think we all secretly wish we could be called LuluLunatrixiebell!
    If I wrote down all my weird night time thoughts I could write a book :') x


  2. Your thoughts really amused me, totally brightened my day!
    Beca :) xxx

  3. 'Why isn’t there a unicorn emoji?'
    This is a very serious question and I wish someone had a good answer for it. That emoji would describe my every mood and be the answer to everything :D


  4. This post is so adorable <3
    Although now you have made me want to go and eat an entire jar of Nutella...

    Dannie x

  5. Totally.

    Toys in cereal; you ever remember those yoghurts in a sort of donut/ polo shape with a Kinder Surprise sort of toy in an egg in the middle bit? They were ace...

    Faded Windmills

  6. Haha I like the skin on coffee and soup etc, I think I'm the only one though! There should definitely be a unicorn emoji.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  7. Why isn’t there a unicorn emoji?!??!! - Omg you're right; this is scandalous!
    Also.. why have I never thought about Ariel writing stuff down?? Oh jesus; mind blown.

    Hope you're well miss!

  8. Haha love this post =]


    I need to track one down. xx


  10. Totally agree with the unicorn emoji! Love this post :)


  11. That's such a good point about Ariel, haha! How had I never thought of that before?!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has seriously weird thoughts and questions pop into her head!


  12. Seriously though, why isn't there a unicorn emoji?


  13. Hahaha I thoroughly enjoyed this! You are a gem! :)

  14. UNICORN EMOJI PLEASE! More sparkles xx
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  15. Also, why is there a pie emoji? That's such a basic need. And you've got a good point about the cats and dogs...maybe there was a war...

    I think if I wrote down all the thoughts I had I'd freak everyone out, some things I say do get a seriously concerned look from my boyfriend. Usually because they're so ridiculously stupid haha!

    Issy | Life and Times of a Student

  16. You know I always wonder about cats & dogs too! Maybe there was a world war between two of them we have no idea about haha