- Wednesday, 22 April 2015 -

Drugstore Haul: Think Pink!

Hello my lovelies! For the longest time when I was younger, I despised the colour pink. I abhorred its affiliation with femininity and how mothers would plaster their babies in pink to validate the gender of their child by colour. However, in a twist of fate, pink's kinda become like my own brand, it's what people recognise me for, dubbing me "Claire with pink hair" and I'm okay with that. So, like a magpie obsessed with shiny objects, the moment I enter a store, I find myself subliminally draw to anything pink or pastely. 

Like, do you ever have a shopping splurge where everything's themed? A homeware haul where everything's pineapple printed or a collection of makeup that consists purely of natural tones, where some may call this obsessive, I call it organised! Whilst drifting around Boots quite recently, I managed to pick up a few bits and bobs - because no one ever goes into Boots with the agenda of buying the whole store, it's usually just face wipes I need or nail varnish remover, yet it still somehow manages to reel me in like a moth to a 3-for-2-on-selected-items flame.

Since sweeping onto the scene, Micellar water has proven hugely popular. Used predominantly to remove makeup, it appears to be the softer solution to dragging a face wipe across the surface. As I'm quite partial to a bit of pretty packaging, I eyed Soap and Glory's Drama Clean 5-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water, quickly skimming the label and learning that it included essences of peach extracts and cucumber juice - perfect for summer! As you can already imagine, it boasts a fresh, cucumber aroma, so it smells lovely and clean before you've even applied it to your face. As I'm quite prone to a pimple or two, I was hesitant to introduce this new addition to my cleaning routine, however I've found that it removes makeup effortlessly without causing any irritation at all.

I've been a huge fan of the Barry M Gelly collection for a while now, usually indulging in the more minty tones, I decided to go for a change, and so picked up Rose Hip. Looking like I've spilt strawberry milkshake over my hands, Rose Hip has become my go-to summer colour - displayed as a candyfloss pink, it's sure to add a pop of colour to any outfit. After application, the Gelly collection gives your nails a glossy finish; I added about 3 coats onto my nails to make them nice and opaque, really giving the colour that boost!

I've been itching to try out a product from the Bleach London collection ever since it was released, as a brightly coloured hair gal, it was really only a matter of time before I was drawn into the shiny promise of a new product. Remaining loyal to my Directions hair dye, I decided not to opt for Bleach London's range of hair colouring, but instead was tempted to try their Rosé shampoo and conditioner. Anyone with coloured hair reading this will understand the struggle to keep the hue of your hair bright and intense, because after so many washes, it'll naturally tend to dull and wash out. Not noticing a huge change right away, I decided to persevere with the Rosé duo - and I'm SO glad I did! Just as the label suggests, yes, the changes are subtle, but I'm happy to report that if you're wanting your pink hair to stretch that extra mile without wanting to re-dye, then THIS is your stuff!

I'm a religious lipstick user - I never stray into the unknown territory of lipgloss or tinted lipbalm so this next product really was a game changer. I just love how the Clinque Chubby Stick looks, shaped like a pencil, you can just pop it into your purse on the go. I opted for Whoopin' Watermelon, which is a bright pink in appearance, the chubby stick glides on giving your lips a lovely and moisturised glossy finish. Unless you have naturally pale lips, you won't notice much of a colour difference - as my lips are already quite a bright pink, it's the sheen more than anything that'll make the difference. 

Have you bought anything from Boots recently?

  1. I love Soap and Glory skincare so much, I need to try out the micellar water!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I love the look of that nail polish! You can't beat some strawberry Milkshake! ;) xx

  3. S&G do some amazing skincare bits, so I definitely will be picking up that micellar water x


  4. I had no idea Soap and Glory have a micellar water, I can`t wait to try it. Peaches and cucumber?Sign me in.


  5. EVERYTHING PINK! I love it - great haul and gorgeous photos xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  6. I love boots and i love barry m =]


  7. Oh your blog is just too pretty for words 💖 that Barry m nail Polish is AMAZING; I'm defo splurging on half their range when I'm paid! Lovely post, gorgeous blog - love it :)



  8. I'm entering the world of coloured hair too but am still in the lighting phase. I'd love to see the difference rose conditioners make. Especially as I have no idea how any of the things work too lol

  9. I've never tried any of the Barry M nail polishes before but I absolutely love that shade of pink — so pretty!

  10. I've been wanting to try the Bleach shampoos/conditioners for a while but being from the States it's a little bit of a hefty shipping fee. Your results seem to be similar to most I've read and it really works well. I may have to treat myself for my birthday!