- Monday, 9 March 2015 -

Tips and Tricks: Better Blogging

Hello my lovelies! We all had to start somewhere, right? Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, each and every blogger started at point zero and worked their way up. Many blog for escapism or use it as a platform to exercise their writing skills, whilst some may see it as a mere hobby, others want to pursue blogging professionally - whatever your reason, blogging serves as a great creative outlet and highly (addictive) productive pastime. I've been blogging for little over a year now and am always striving to up my blogging game, be it with improving my photography, engaging more in the community or just blogging more regularly; there's always room for improvement...

Consistency is key: One sure way of reeling in the readers in keeping your blog consistent with content. Aim to stray away from sporadic posts as this upset in routine will lose you followers; if you've posted regularly throughout the year and only a few times this month, readers will start to think that you're losing interest in your blog and will thusly lose interest in you. However, NEVER feel like you have to force a post, it's quality not quantity at the end of the day and your readers will know the difference. If you ask any blogger their secret to optimum organisation, it's scheduling, so keep on top of your posts and keep your readers happy!

Mix it up: A photo reels the reader in, but the content keeps them coming back - always try to remember this when writing a blogpost. No one wants to visit a blog and be hit with a big block of text, and equally no one wants to have the heinous task of scrolling through a hundred photos of a Naked Palette photographed from various different angles; you have to find the right balance. Try to break up your text in more digestible paragraphs, perhaps throwing in an image or two to assist the content and maintain the readers attention. I always align all my text and images together to make the post look more refined as a whole so that it flows better, because there's nothing worse than images scattered all over the place without a purpose. 

Stay social: Not only is the blogging community a great source of inspiration but it's also a great source of support. Needing advice on HMTL help or topic suggestions? The blogging community has got your back. Try to involve yourself in the blogger Twitter chats, as you want to be seen making friends, not followers. The Twitter chats are a tremendous source of traffic for your blog as you get involved and interact with the community. Additionally, don't forget to share the love and show appreciation for your favourite bloggers by perhaps producing a post about them or even just including them in a #FridayFollow tweet - with blogging, you definitely get back what you put in.

Make your mark: Wading through all the MAC reviews and outfit posts in an endless sea of blogs, it's sometimes hard to stand out. A lot of bloggers tend to hold back as they're afraid of being judged for their individuality/opinions/style, yielding to what's comfortable instead of what's different, prohibiting their colourful personalities from shining through on their blog. It's even the little things that make all the difference: like taking your own blog photos, having your own handwritten signature at the end of posts or even just something simple like taking the time to write back to someone that's left you a kind comment - don't be a carbon copy, be different and make a difference :)

  1. These are all wonderful tips and I agree 1OO%!
    Although it can be hard to be consistent sometimes, early planning is a big helper!

    Vegetarian Courtesy

  2. I liked this post! Some information i found really useful for me :) the words "...scrolling through a hundred photos of a Naked Palette..." made me laugh haha it's so true
    xx, marinasirmais

  3. Great post! I'm going to keep these in mind.


  4. This was such an interesting read and so helpful!


  5. Wonderful post lovely. Make your mark is a must. I think it is so easy to blog what everyone else is blogging about but to see someone who is able to share their own personality on their blog is just lovely. x

  6. Agree with so much of this - especially that you need to make your mark as so many people do similar posts!


  7. This is a really lovely post, ive been blogging for a little over 2 months but am loving it so far! Its such a satisfying hobbie! Great tips thanks for sharing!

  8. I always try and be different with my posts, such a great posts =]


  9. I'm too bad at the consistency part :( I have to improved this!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you so much for these Claire. The consistency thing is something I've been really trying to work on this year but the others are things I hadn't even thought of. So thank you!
    Victoria x

  11. I just recently learned the importance of truly being yourself. I wrote a post that was uncommon from many of the blogs I read and I didn't advertise it much because I was worried and surprisingly, I got a better response rate from that then some of the "basic" posts I really pushed out advertising.

  12. These are great tips. I really struggle with consistency - I started the new year with so much enthusiasm but being busy in work combined with a bad cold has really knocked my blogging off schedule. I'm going to try and start scheduling my posts in advance, finally making use of the cute diary I bought last year! Wish me luck!


  13. It's difficult for me to be consistent with my blog content. *sigh*
    I need to reschedule for this month issue, more creative and trying so hard to keep my readers up to date on my social media. Very helpful post :)


  14. This was an incredibly helpful post, with lots of great points. The hardest part, I think, is standing out.


  15. Great tips and a really helpful post, I definitely agree with keeping up with posts and staying social and making your own mark - your personality should definitely shine through! - Tasha

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