- Tuesday, 24 February 2015 -

Review: Tyneside Bar Café

Hello my lovelies! On Sunday, Martin and I were kindly invited to the Tyneside Bar Café for some fine wining and dining. I feel like I've been piling on the pounds of late, with the mandatory meals for Valentine's and Martin's birthday on the 19th, I can't recall a time where we didn't eat out (not that I'm complaining). Situated in the city centre, the Tyneside Bar Café is a hub of buzzing activity, serving a selection of food and drink, there's something to tickle everyone's fancy. But I haven't even gotten to the best bit yet - on selected evenings, the lights are dimmed and music roars out of nowhere, as the café transforms into a sit-in cinema.

The atmosphere is relaxed and chirpy, I use the word "chirpy" because I was practically vibrating in my seat with excitement over the delicious novelty of having my dinner whilst watching the big screen. Now, I know what you're thinking dear readers - no cinema experience is complete without a big bucket of popcorn, however the menu kindly caters to your cravings by offering an unconventional sweet AND savoury option, coming in the form of popcorn panna cotta and the house made savoury popcorn, either smothered in truffle butter or duck fat and rosemary.

The menu plays host to a plethora of food, with a wide variety of vegetarian options, you definitely won't find yourself running short of choice. My only qualm with the menu would be the shortage of chicken dishes, it's probably the primary meat in my diet and I was a little disappointed as I desperately skimmed the menu only to discover it lacking. However, I won't hold that against them, as it's refreshing to see a bit of diversity in a menu as it pushes me to try something new. I eventually opted for the fragrant thai prawn curry and rice whilst Martin went a bit more traditional with the burger and fries, arriving pink in the middle and oh so juicy.

There's just something so pleasurable about eating a good, hearty meal whilst sat in front of a film. Musicals are on the movie agenda for Sunday nights, where you can eat, drink and be merry with a belly full of laughs as well as a belly full of food. We were lucky enough catch a viewing of The Pirates of Penzance, who knew that dancing pirates could provide such an exciting dining experience? With the both of us practically licking our plates when finished, I'm happy to report that Martin's burger went down a treat, as did my fish curry.

Of course no dinner would be complete without the obligatory order of dessert! I had homemade cookies and milk whilst Martin went for the mouthwatering sticky toffee pudding. My cookies arrived warm and gooey and the milk was actually frothy vanilla milk, ideal for dipping! We washed all this down with a complimentary glass of white wine as we got comfy in our corner and watched the rest of the film. Overall, we had a thoroughly enjoyable experience at the Tyneside Bar Café and will now probably (to the misfortune of the staff) make it our regular haunt, popping in for a pint or two with a cheeky film on the side.

  1. Oh my gosh what a cute idea! And your photos are amazing lovely <3 You must give me some tips haha!
    Glad you had a fab night!

    Jemma x

  2. What a brilliant idea! I love the uniqueness of it and yet cant help wondering why a place like this isnt more common? Great for a first date if you promised dinner and a movie but are a bit skint!! :) :) xxx


  3. This place sounds really adorable - I would love to go there. Shame there aren't more places like this really!


  4. Erm - that savoury popcorn sounds amazing!! xx

  5. This sounds great! I once went to a cinema-bar place but I think it's closed down now... they really should make all cinemas like this, it would make the whole experience so much better and people might actually be more willing to pay the stupidly rising ticket prices! Your blog is beautiful, lovely composition in your photos :)


  6. Everything sounds gorgeous, and it's a lovely idea having a place to actually stock up on proper food before seeing a movie...lovely post! Your photos are always so well done and classy. x

  7. This is a very lovely idea! I enjoyed reading this post so much & your photos are beautiful as always xx
    xx, marinasirmais