- Sunday, 8 February 2015 -

DIY: Heart Tip Nails ♥

Hello my lovelies! Whether you love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and what better way to spread the love than showing those talons some TLC! Not one to yield to seasonal trends - you'd never see me sporting a heart-print jumper around Valentine's -  there's just something so cute and charming about heart tip nails. In order to optimally achieve this look, there does need to be a bit of length to your nails, just enough that you can round or point off the edges.

Step 1/ As soon as you think your nails are long enough for that look (or you've made a quick dash to the shops for some falsies), the painting process can commence! A lovely, pastel pink will act as your basis, I chose Rimmel London's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 'Ring A Ring O'Roses', as the sooner it dries, the sooner we can start painting our hearts. Additionally, I opted for a bright red, to really stand out against the lighter pinky hues. Although not necessary, I also used a simple thin nail brush to make the strokes more manageable.

Step 2/ After painting my nails pink - with a few generous coats, allowing the polish to go completely opaque - it was time to let them dry completely. Don't attempt the next step unless your nails are thoroughly dried, as some smudging may occur and we don't want that do we? 

Step 3/ The most difficult step - painting your hearts. A good rule of thumb to stick by is not to worry about producing messy shapes, as these can be remedied by simply being painted over. You can paint your hearts one of two ways: 1) using either your specialised nail brush or your standard nail polish brush, blob two dots onto your pink basis and proceed to fill them in, or 2) the method I use is to draw a curved 'M' shape and then simply fill in the space (as shown above). As previously stated, don't worry too much about smudgy or imperfect 'M's as this can be easily fixed by just painting over. Repeat this process for all of your nails, and you're done!

  1. These are so cute and perfect for valentines day!



  2. your nails are gorgeous, will definitely be trying this for valentines day x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  3. A really lovely idea! Thanks for sharing :) x


  4. This is lovely, really sweet design. Will have to try this! - Tasha

  5. They are so darn cute! I've seen a fair few hearts on nail designs, but really like the idea of the heart tips!

  6. I love these!! So extremely pretty and adorable. Lovely post hun x

  7. What a gorgeous combo of colours, they're so pretty!
    Love Vicki <3 victoriajanex.co.uk

  8. You must have the steadiest hands ever, please do mine hehe. Lovely post hun and your nails are to die for. Nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog too sugar xoxo


  9. Those nails are super cute! I had never thought about changing the style/shape of the tip. What a perfect color combo and idea for Valentine's Day.

  10. This is so adorable! Perfect for Valentines day <3

    She Will Be

  11. These are adorable! :) wonderful idea Claire I definitely need to grow my nails out so I can try this myself


  12. Cute and simple, just what suits me!