- Friday, 5 December 2014 -

Tips and Tricks: Savvy Shopping!

Hello you lovely lot! It's been one week since hysteria hit the UK with the momentary madness of Black Friday. I can imagine if the end of the world was upon us, with people resorting to looting, that it'd look pretty much like the events that transpired last weekend. Choosing not to succumb to the chaos, I spent my weekend indoors, happily perusing the web for bargains from the safety of my own home. 

With such an eclectic sense of style, not really adhering to one trend or the other, people regularly ask me where I get my clothes from, and more often than not I respond with: "Oh, this old thing? Ebay for a tenner!". Ebay is a treasure trove of bits, bobs and bargains and if I ever spy an item in a highstreet store with a less than desired pricetag, I just bide my time and keep refreshing that webpage. This process may sound tedious to some, but you usually find that the merchant is selling the item for a lot less than the regular retail price. And if a 'Buy It Now' option isn't available, ALWAYS have those fingers poised to bid at the last second. Another rule of thumb that I always abide by is never to purchase off an Ebay trader who boasts any less than a 98% positive feedback rate, the better the ratings, the better the experience. 

Second-hand doesn't necessarily mean second-rate. I find thrifting very therapeutic, I love the thrill you get upon finding a hidden gem and the rush you receive as you hold on to that item for dear life, petrified that such a steal is a figment of your imagination. I'm not going to lie to you, thrifting does require an awful lot of patience and if you set out to find something specifically, chances are you'll come home empty handed. But don't let this deter you, just the other day I visited my local British Heart Foundation and ran out laughing with an actual pair of Underground creepers for £12, creepers which I had incidentally been searching a lifetime for. Another incident I can recall is being completely besotted with a red dress from Topshop, but alas as it was nearing Valentines, it was disappearing everywhere (including Ebay). Until lo and behold, I happened to step into a charity shop and there it was, flirting with me for a fiver. A FIVER!

You probably don't need me to tell you that sales and discounts are your best friends. If you've got your eye on something but purchasing it means remortgaging your house, a handy little tip is to search discount codes on Google, as the brand may not be openly advertising their offers. Additionally, I like to familiarise myself with any and all looming sales so I sign up to receive emails for deduction updates - and usually as consequence of signing up, you'll receive a kind discount for your first/next purchase. However, a constant habit I've identified amongst shoppers during sales is the alarming amount of impulse buys they yield to. Ask yourself, if these items weren't actually on offer, would you be buying them at all in the first place? Next time you spot a top in the sales that you'd never be caught dead in but OH MY GOD it's only 3 quid - just stop and think for a second.

I'm a recent convert of this next tip and yes, I do realise that what I'm about to say sounds incredibly snobby but I can't believe that the likes of Tesco and Asda stock such amazing apparel. I've lost count over the amount of times I've snapped up a beautiful dress or pair of beautiful shoes for a beautiful price in my local supermarket. If you emerge with an attitude of arrogance, like "oh my gosh, who actually shops at George in Asda?!" (as I admittedly was), you are missing out big time my friend. So, keep an open mind, rejoice at the affordable prices and just think, if you're wearing that new dress you purchased from F&F at Tesco, the chances are that no one else will be wearing it either, making you a unique little fashionista indeed.

What're your top tips to shopping?

  1. You are definitely a girl after my own heart! A bargain hunter through and through. I've bought almost all of my Christmas presents from the sales this year or on offer, I don't see why you wouldn't want to. I'm not stingy, I just choose wisely about what I spend my money on. Love a bit of Asda too, nothing wrong with that! :)


  2. Great tips! I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain and I actually buy so much from Ebay! That site is honestly a life saver sometimes, if you need something then it's usually always guaranteed to be found right there on Ebay! I couldn't agree more with your last point, I find it quite arrogant that people won't purchase something if it's cheap and from Asda or Tesco, end of the day when you're rocking your £10 black Asda jeans who is going to know it's from Asda, like really? People should definitely be more open minded hahaha! x


  3. I wish I had more patience instead of just heading over to Topshop's "new in this week". I feel I don't have an eye for the bargains in charity shops :( x

    Emily - thebelljarxo.blogspot.co.uk

  4. These are all great tips, most of my shopping I do in charity shops at the moment- I've also found some Topshop items and brilliant prices! I love giving older pieces a new life and helping causes at the same time as saving a few pennies.

    Emma xo Wallflower Wardrobe

  5. Ahh yes I love this post! I'm a big fan of bargains and love a good charity shop trip like yourself. I don't buy anything online without checking if there's a discount code first! You lucky thing getting the Topshop dress you wanted! I got two pairs of Topshop Leigh jeans today for £3.50 each which I'm pretty damn happy with :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  6. Nothing wrong with a bit of F&F! ^__^ Everyone loves a good bargain! xx