- Monday, 1 December 2014 -

The Benefits of Blogging

Hello you lovely lot! Christmas playlists at the ready and whip out those decorations, it's December! As the days creep closer to Christmas, it feels like my jovial spirit is fraught with the looming presence of university deadlines (or DREADlines as they should be more accurately described). With the weeks leading up to Christmas being laced with mince pies and gingerbread lattes galore, there also seems to be a considerable intake of red bull and black coffee consumed - I say as I twitch ferociously at the keyboard.

 Even though my blog takes second priority to my life, it acts as a prominent form of escapism when things are getting a little too hectic to handle. The blogging world warmly welcomed me with open arms, sharing my experiences, voicing thoughts, making memories and completely immersing me in their community. Growing up I struggled to discover my niche, whilst all of my friends were either musical prodigies or sports stars I often felt completely redundant in my talents. Blogging has helped me discover MYSELF, and that's but only one of its advantages...

1/ It's a beneficial hobby to have: To document ones thoughts and experiences in a regular entry format, shows an outstanding amount of commitment and creativity. Keeping a blog displays devotion, dedication and let's face it, is a pretty intriguing hobby to have outside the usual spectrum of sports, drama, art, music etc. People prick up their ears upon hearing you have a blog; it's a definite topic of interest and I've honestly lost count over the amount of times where an interviewer of a potential job or a lecturer has praised me for this pastime.

2/ I've acquired new skills: Blogging is so much more than embracing your inner child with his/her first diary. If you had have asked me this time last year to explain Google Analytics or demonstrate my photo editing skills or even simply inquired about my twitter followers I would have stared blankly into space (before running away from you, never to return). You would think that attempting to maintain a blog alongside university or work would be a distracting and unproductive prospect, right? When in reality, I've never felt more organised or impassioned before in my entire life. 

3/ The opportunities are endless: This is probably the point where you'd expect me to boast about the glorious perks that come with being a blogger, namely the PR samples and attention you suddenly receive from agencies. Yes, it's flattering to be acknowledged and asked to review a particular product or attend a certain event but the sense of achievement you receive transcends those materialistic offers. As a designer, it really makes me smile to see fellow creatives follow me and recognise my work, and because of this exposure I've been gaining so many great clients wanting me to work with them.

4/ It's a boost of confidence: I get the greatest thrill upon discovering a new comment under my latest blogpost or whenever I've gained a new follower I can feel myself start to smile over the notion of having made a new friend. The feeling is intoxicating and it definitely spurs you on to achieve bigger and better things. Not to mention the support that envelopes you from the blogging community itself; any problem, worry or woe doesn't have to be fought alone as you always have your fellow bloggers to turn to. After all, we're all here with a unified passion, why wouldn't we have each others backs?

5/ My forever friends: It may sound extremely soppy and yes, I wouldn't blame you if you reached for your sick buckets now, but blogging has bestowed me with some amazing friends. Perhaps its our similar interests that has connected us or maybe it's merely the fact that we never seem to stop socialising on Twitter that has grown our bond strong, whatever the reason, bloggers are kindred spirits and I'm always so massively overwhelmed by the amount of support I experience. Be you a big blogger who has just released their recent first novel or a small, shuddering new blogger, doe eyed and excited, be sure that whatever pathway you pave on this journey, we will be here for you 100%.

  1. Great post, I have just decided to start a lifestyle blog after having a fashion blog for a few years. I think it will have way more advantages for me as a writer rather than in styling.

    Anika Heart // Lifestyle Blog

  2. Such a great little post :) I've only been blogging just over a month so love reading things like this, it makes me so excited!

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  3. Oh I love this! I've seen a couple similar but you articulate it all so much better.


  4. I love this post! One of my favourites I've read recently since I can just relate to it so much!!
    Just found your blog and absolutely love it!

    I'm also running my first ever beauty giveaway on my blog right now if you fancy taking a look!
    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

  5. I love this post so much, Claire! You just have such a wonderful way with words :) Happy December!

    Rhianna xxx

    robowecop | beauty and lifestyle blogger & vlogger

  6. Aww lovely post, I really agree with this x


  7. Great post and lovely reminder as to why I blog. Thank you! x

  8. I started my little blog less than 2 months ago and i'm already astounded at how welcoming it is and how easy it is to be part of this amazing, welcoming community. Not only am I happy for what achievements I make but I am happy for those that my fellow bloggers make. Great blog post & blog for that matter :)

    www.kirstytalks,co.uk xx

  9. If I had to choose one reason why blogging was great it would be that it's brought so many great people into my life. Every one is so lovely (yourself, most definitely included!) and that's something to be thankful for. Good old blogging. Xx

  10. Oh I definitely feel that it is nice to chronicle your life through the form of blogging. It's a unique way to share yourself with others that shows work and dedication.


  11. Awh this is lovely! All very valid points :) Love your blog! x

  12. I have made some amazing friends through blogging, wouldn't change it for the world!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  13. I have so much to thank blogging for! My creativity this year, my new confidence (only slightly, but still!) my new experiences and hopes, and best of all the friendships - including you miss! <3
    I honestly don't know how I got by before my blog! Haha ^__^

    Jemma xx

  14. Very inspiring posttt ! I just found your blog through Twitter and I love it soo muchh, you have the most beautiful pictures <3 followed you on Bloglovin!

    ps: when you have a chance, I will be ecstatic if you'd wanna check mines out !

  15. I LOVE how you write... lol I am so jealous, your words are always so pretty! :) And I really enjoyed reading this post... I have made some wonderful friends thanks to blogging. I can't even imagine my life without a blog... I have no idea what I would be doing if I wasn't blogging right now!


  16. I love this post! All of these are so so true as well! There is definitely more to blogging than pr samples I can't believe how much I've been learning whether that is photography skills, google analytics, or promoting my blog on social media I have just learned so many new things :)


  17. Great reminder to why I too love blogging. I feel its a very multi-faceted hobby where you can wear many different hats. Started my blog in 2012 and I just love to keep growing it personally. Learning how to take good photos, write well, network and make friends, design, style, etc. Blogging gives you a huge range of skill sets!

    - Allegra

  18. Some great points here - you don't realise the skills you acquire while blogging until you actually think about!

    Bethanie x | bethaniejane.co.uk

  19. Love this post. I am still a bit of a newbie but agree with all the above!