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My Top 9 Photography Apps

Hello my lovelies! As a creative individual photography has always piqued my interest, the romantic notion of encapsulating a moment of memories and emotions, frozen in time for you to revisit whenever you want. Growing up I always had a pencil or paintbrush in hand, so it's only really recently that I've began dabbling photographically - perhaps it's the surge of social media or the triumph of technology that's inspired me so. Whatever the cause, it's hard to ignore photography's rise in popularity over the past while, with the word "selfie" now a genuine dictionary term and Instagram paving the pathway for social, creative expression, why shouldn't you jump on the bandwagon? 

Since receiving my iPhone back in 2012, I've been compiling a little list of my favourite photography apps, each app present for a specific purpose making those empty moments stuck on a train or in a cumbersome queue that bit more bearable. May I just warn you now dear readers that this is a heavy photo post, for the purpose of really showing you these apps and their merits/functions/befores and afters, I went a bit crazy! So, in no particular order...

1/ PhotoCandy: This is such a quirky and colourfully creative app, allowing you to really let your imagination run wild. Along with filters and photo edits, the apps prime selling point is probably its funky pattern pack. Ever seen those intergalactic images sporting a random triangle in the middle? Yup, those trippy edits can be achieved with PhotoCandy. Overlaying objects is the new thing haven't you heard? 

2/ BokehPic: This is admittedly the app I use most frequently, yet it seems to be the most unheard of. One day as I was casually scrolling through my Instagram feed, I spied a photo framed with several dainty flecks of light, it looked almost Disney-like. This spotted highlight effect is actually called the Bokeh effect and after hunting down an app enabling this edit, I was hooked.

3/ Afterlight: The one you were all expecting. Afterlight is an all-rounder app, with borders, filters and light leaks galore it can really do no wrong. Whether you wish to bestow your photos with a vintage air or just want to brighten the exposure up a bit, Afterlight is your go-to app. I personally love playing with the light leak edits, which is probably Afterlight's most popular feature.

4/ Tadaa: The Tadaa app possesses many of the usual editing qualities - framing, filtering, cropping... However its most promising feature is definitely its blur edit. Everyday I view phenomenal photos on the internet boasting that 'out of focus' feel, and was always curious as to whether this look can be achieved without touching the likes of Photoshop, and then, lo and behold Tadaa was born.

5/ Retouch (Free): Okay, I'll admit it, this app was not easy to get your head around when you first use it, but my GOD is it amazing. Yes, I use Photoshop for touching up photos with slight imperfections, but I'm not always going to have my laptop around to solve that problem. Ever take a pretty POV photo of your brand-spanking new shoes only to discover that there was gum on the ground? Your photo is now ruined, right? Wrong! Enter my example featuring a fabulous blob of mascara...

6/ A Beautiful Mess: Words cannot describe how adorable this app is. It's your quintessential doodle app, where you can scribble stars and incorporate cute phrases to your hearts content. It's an especially useful app if you're wishing to highlight something specific in your photo with their addition of arrow doodles. I may have gotten slightly drunk with power when experimenting with mine...

7/ Bleach: This is an app created purely for fun. The Bleach brand hosts an array of alternative hair products, ranging from coloured dyes to DIY hair braiding kits. Alongside their recent release, they also produced an accompanying app where you can edit those swaggalicious selfies with super duper cute stamps, stickers, frames and filters.

8/ PicLab: I love this app, simply because anything you create ends up looking like its been sourced straight out of Pinterest. You ever seen those beautifully motivational photos on the internet where they depict some kind of inspirational quote? Well, this is PicLab ALLLL over! I love how you can take a photo of a simple cup of coffee and slap an unrelating Oscar Wilde quote onto the front of it, making it instantly look arty as fuck.

9/ Instagram: You didn't really think I'd forgotten about this bad boy did you? Although the rest of my examples shown were purely for editing purposes, Instagram is in a league of its own. Allowing you to snap moments, memories and experiences for all the world to see - phew we really are in the 21st century! Even though its edits are limited, I will always adore Instagram for enabling us to be nosy in taking a peek inside the lives of others.

Have you used any of these apps?

  1. Be still, my little kawaii heart... ♥♥♥
    Everything about this post is beauuutiful, but most of all you! :)
    I bloody love the makeup you use in the corner of your eyes to really create a bright POP. I always do this myself but I haven't found a shade that seems to SING like this one does for you!
    Also.. your phone cover - ^__^ OHMAGERDDD.

    I use some of these apps, but will definitely try get the others too. Some I don't think I can get for my Galaxy S5, but I'm sure there are alternatives for androidies :)

    Fab post miss! xx

  2. Great post,I haven't heard of some of those apps but will try them for sure.My fave apps are photo editor by aviary and picsart ♥


  3. Thanks for this, Claire! I'm definitely going to get retouch, and look into a few of the others :) I mostly use VSCO I have one filter which I always go to! Have a great weekend!

    Hayley-Eszti // HayleyEszti.blogspot.com

  4. I've noted down a few of these to take a look at. Thanks for this, it's a really helpful post and your pics are lovely


  5. I don't ever do stuff lie this, just lighten and crop, maybe a filter. Maybe I should explore more!

  6. Awesome post. It's all so pretty!

    I'm only just getting into taking photos and I had no idea of the existence of half these apps, but now I feel I need them all!! Particularly Bokehpic! I hope it makes my photos look like I live in some sort of fairyland! Off to investigate...


  7. Thank you for this! I've been looking for good ones for so long!

  8. I love Afterlight too! It's my favourite photography app :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  9. Afterlight is my go to app for anything and I have ONE particular theme I put on the majority of my photos :)
    I'm deffo going to try BokehPic though, seems right up my street!

  10. My tops apps are Instagram, Piclab and VSCOcam. I've become addicted to VSCO lately, the filters are amazing.

  11. This was SO useful! Just downloaded Tadaa and photo candy - can't wait to try them!

    Love your blog

    Alice xx


  12. These look like some truly gorgeous apps, and I'll definitely be downloading BokehPic and A beautiful mess, they look like they have some adorable features! xxx

    Rhiannon Talks - Fashion Blog

  13. I will have to try Afterlight it looks so good! Xx

  14. OMG thank you so much for this, I have been wanting to get some photo editing apps on my phone so this post is perfect!


  15. Great roundup of apps :) Have now downloaded some of them for hours of fun & prettiness! Thank you for sharing :) xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  16. Wow I think i've just gone and downloaded all of these and I already have too many apps! A very useful post, from a new follower :))


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