- Friday, 10 October 2014 -

Lush Routine: Banishing Blemishes

Hello my lovelies! It has been exactly 8 days since my last blogpost and my twitter presence has been minimal to nonexistent, for this, I am so sorry. Slipping into a regular routine has proven very difficult since I started back at university, with days merging into one another it's hard to keep track of time, subsequently, I've found that my skin has been suffering due to an amalgamation of late nights binging on bad TV and school-induced stress. Not wanting to continue with this vicious cycle, I rushed to my nearest Lush store and picked up a few products which cater for spot prone skin, because everybody loves a Lush haul, right?

Let's back up a little bit here; since I was 10 years old I've always felt the plight of problem skin, as children and adults alike would relentlessly question if I have chickenpox or not - yeah it got that bad. Stung by society's words, I was prescribed a cocktail of hormone balancing drugs and tried every natural remedy known to man in the hope of banishing my blemishes. My teenage years were half spent experimenting with creams and the other half spent caking on makeup to conceal my face. And right now, at the ripe age of 22, I find that a simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser routine can be the best way of fighting those flaws. True, I'm never going to achieve a photoshop perfect appearance, but with the help of these three Lush products, I've found that I'm pretty damn close.

CLEANSE - Ultrabland: First and foremost, you want to apply Lush's Ultrabland cleanser smoothly and evenly all over your face. The cream has a greasy texture but don't let this deter you as it's suited for all skin types and boasts a warm honey aroma as it's made from beeswax. I like to administer a generous amount all over my face and then leave it for about 15 minutes so it can really sink into my skin and catch any dirt that may be lurking there. I then use a cotton wool pad soaked in hot water and continue to remove the cleanser from my face in an upwards motion - upwards strokes will stop you from pulling your skin down otherwise resulting in wrinkling.

TONE - Tea Tree Water: It's no secret that anything tea tree-infused is going to help zap those zits. Tea tree water soothes angry and irritated skin and drys out any spots wishing to rear their ugly heads. After I've cleared my face of the cleanser, I apply the Lush's Tea Tree Water to another cotton pad and wipe away any remaining dirt or cleanser visible. Afterwards my face feels fresh and super soft however, for those of you with immensely sensitive skin, you may find that the tea tree water is quite drying on your skin but don't be discouraged, this is what the next step is for.

MOISTURISE - Celestial: This is without a doubt my favourite part of my Lush routine. I usually smother my skin in Lush's Celestial because I can't resist its sweet scent of vanilla. Naturally, I was quite dubious at using this product as moisturisers are notorious for breaking skin out but within a few days use I found that the cream was extremely kind to sensitive skin. The moisturiser does create a light barrier to prevent the loss of moisture so for this reason I only apply it right before bed so that the hours ahead give my skin time to drink it up. 

After 4 weeks of religiously following this routine, my skin appears clearer than ever. After attempting a range of expensive products and countless visits to dermatologists, this simple three step ritual has actually granted me the confidence to go out in public makeup-free.

  1. Yay for Lush hauls and yay for makeup free! :)
    I have never tried any of these beauties before, but I am extremely keen. I've heard great things about the tea tree water, and the moisturiser sounds devine! I love vanilla so it seems like it'd be right up my street.
    A lovely post and great insight into your routine, which is great as I'm a nosey cow! :P

    Hope you're well love and uni is going good ^__^
    Jemma xx

  2. Awesome routine misses!! I adore the tea tree water and couldn't live without it. Lush moisturizer is the only I can use too though I can't spell the name of it so I won't attempt it :P


  3. i love tea tree water <3 and lush in general haha :)


  4. this is what i need.. a routine and to stick with it, these products sound wonderful :)


  5. A warm honey aroma?! Ultrabland sounds AMAZING, need to pick this up! I love Lush skincare too, I've been using the Imperialis moisturiser and doesn't break me out at all! Beautiful photography lovely <3 xxx

  6. This is great I have to try it, I've just bought greece lightning which really does work

  7. I really want this whole routine now it sounds great, I've been stressing with college too and my skin is showing it. My cleanser is about to run out so definitely going to pick up ultrabland and try using it like you do, I've never thought about leaving cleanser on like that xxx


  8. I love the tea tree toner water! I have tried other toners but they just don't work as well. You've made me want to go out and buy ultrablend now! I love anything vanilla scented! xx


  9. My skin has been drying out quite a bit lately and I've heard some good things about Lush skincare, I'm really tempted to try out the Celestial and even more so knowing that it's vanilla scented!! x


  10. These look to die for! I'm yet to even purchase a skin product from lush, I know!
    Love Victoriajanex

  11. Such a lovely round up of the lush products! I have only just discovered your blog & i love it! ^^ You have a new follower on like... everything! haha <3 keep it up!


  12. I swear by Ultrabland, i couldnt live without it. My skin looks amazing when i use it!x

  13. I have used Tea Tree Toner for as long as I can remember, I am yet to try ultrabland though I might add it to my list!

    Nia Elinor Mair

  14. I absolutely love ultrabland but the smell of the stuff really knocks me sick - did you find this? As for the toner, I've never tried the tea tree water but I've had breath of fresh air which I absolutely adored. I always turn to Lush products when I'm having skin trouble, whether it's spots, dry skin or a dull complexion. There's literally a fix for everything!

    Vickie | dearvictoria.co.uk