- Tuesday, 14 October 2014 -

DIY: Pom Pom Garland

Hello my lovelies! Sometimes it feels as though I have a love/hate relationship with autumn; the satisfying crunch of the leaves beneath your feet is also met with disdain as soon as the heavens open turning that crisp crunch into nothing more than a sloppy squish. Not wanting to succumb to the doom and gloom, I decided to plan this project of mine in the hope of injecting a bit of colour back into my life! During my little excursions into town, I've been noticing these charming pom pom garlands popping up everywhere and obviously not wanting to pay the extortionate highstreet prices, I decided to create my own...

You will need:
Some colourful yarn
A pair of scissors
Your hand

1/ It is completely up to you what colours you choose. I went for a richer combination of teal, green and aubergine. Top tip: This is also a brilliant DIY for celebrating any upcoming occasions - Halloween's coming up so why not pimp out your pad with an orange and black garland?

2/ Begin by wrapping your yarn around your hand - however not too tightly as we don't want that blood circulation cutting off, do we? A good rule of thumb is to wrap the wool around 50 times for a small pom pom and 100 for medium sized.

3/ When you're satisfied with the size, you can cut the end of the wool and gently shimmy it off your hand. Try your very best to keep it from unravelling!

4/ Next, cut a small portion of yarn. This bit of string is what's going to hold the whole thing together.

5/ Okay, so now for the hard part. Steadily slip your piece of string through the tube of the wool so that your string pokes out at either end.

6/ Tightly pull on your pieces of string and make a knot so that your wool makes an almost bow-like appearance.

7/ Make sure the string is tied tightly in place. I actually tied about 2-3 knots just to make sure that there's no breakage or disjoining. 

8/ Steadily snip off the end of your piece of string - however BE CAREFUL you don't actually cut any of your pom pom threads!

9/ Remember I said that your pom pom should take on a bow-like shape? Well, carefully cut the insides of either side of that bow shape. The scissors should smoothly run up the open area.

10/ Cut your pom pom at both ends.

11/ And there you go, you've made your first pom pom! Is that a feeling of accomplish I sense? 

12/ If you feel that your pom pom is unsightly and the threads turned out uneven, don't worry, give that pom a haircut! When you're happy with your result, simply repeat the process about 20 times for a decent sized garland. 

I actually braided the three different threads of wool to fashion my garland and then simply tied on my pom poms, and violà you're done!

  1. These are so pretty :) x


  2. THis looks really cute! I might just try it!

  3. Ahhh so cute! ^__^ I need to get some yarn and give this a wee go! Halloween ones would be adorable! xx

  4. Oh my gosh, this is adorable...I LOVE the colors you chose! I think this is a simple DIY that I can totally work on, hehe thanks for sharing!


  5. SO cute and yet so simple!

  6. These are so cute! I'm definitely making these for my new house! Your blog is so lovely, keep it up :)!



  7. I have loads of left over wool that has been hanging around since I made knitted flowers so this looks like a perfect project for it. Thanks for the inspiration
    Kate xx

  8. I am so going to do this. And it kind of reminds me of Christmas, so that is a bit plus! :)

    Always with love xx

    Catarina // ohkori.blogspot.com