- Friday, 17 October 2014 -

A Spook-tacular Wishlist!

Hello my lovelies! It's been quite a while since I've created a wishlist and with Halloween steadily creeping up on us, and the shops strewn with spookiness, I find myself wanting nothing more than being draped in darkened clothes whilst pimping out my pad with the appropriate amount of glittering skulls and candles. The holiday of Halloween has always mesmerised me as it's the one day a year where you can be whatever you want to be - feel like dressing as a slut but completely justifying it with some small animal adornment? Well, yank that skirt up and get those ears on, because this is your chance! Watching a plethora of characters spew from the fancy dress shop has always amused me, pirates come out, disney characters surface and every so often you'll get the odd celebrity sighting (throwback to when I dressed as Amy Winehouse that one year).

I've always felt such an affinity with Halloween, as a child I never shied away from the horror movies and actually dabbled a little in witchcraft myself (we're talking good luck spells for exams and getting noticed by that cute boy, no human sacrifices here my dears!). I've always adored that during this time of year we're immersed back into the dark ages, embracing all that's gothic and gloomy. Feel like embracing your inner Wednesday Addams? Totally go for it, in fact I urge you not to leave the house unless you look like a human shadow. It's such a weird and wonderful time of year that I couldn't help but compile this little list of all I've been recently coveting...

Bone Collector Necklace: Can you imagine how good this necklace would look up against a plain black jumper? It's a stunning statement piece that'll spookify even the most mundane of outfits.

Spiderweb Elbow Patch Jumper: Such a subtle little detail, the inclusion of the web design on the jumpers elbow patches are so eerily enchanting that I know I'd wear this garment morning, noon and night.

Lush Wizard's Hat: Lush introduced this bewitching collection where you can turn your bath water into a bubbling cauldron with the inclusion of the Wizard, Sparkler and Star Light Star Bright bath bars.

Ouija Board Clutch:  My mum always told me never to touch an ouija board, but this beautiful bag doesn't count, right?

Halloween Yankee Candles: Nothing screams Halloween more than a hauntingly beautiful set of candles. Ranging from candy corn to melting marshmallows, these candles are definitely worth sinking your teeth into.

Makeup Revolution 'Give Them Nightmares' Palette: Sporting poisonous purples and bewitching blacks, this palette is all about upping your goth game!

Are you looking forward to Halloween?

  1. That clutch bag! Adorable <3 I would love all of these babies all year round haha :) The inner goth inside me LOVES this time of year. Great post hunnie xx

  2. i love everything!!! esp. that ouija bag!! i've never (ever ever ever!!) would play with an ouija board but i love the design of it and i realllllly wish that bag was cheaper so i could snatch it up!! :)

  3. I love the Makeup Rev palette!

  4. I want to lush stuff and the candles! I love Halloween!!]


  5. This is such a cute wishlist, I so need the candles and palette! :) xxx

  6. I really like the packaging of the candles! so nice!
    http://www.jaseyjade.blogspot.com x

  7. I love the candles, every time I go to the store and see Halloween themed candles I just want to buy them all :D