- Wednesday, 24 September 2014 -

What I love about Autumn/Fall

Hello my lovelies! I'm currently sat in a Starbucks corner praying the staff don't throw me out for overstaying my welcome. As I shakily type these words (three caramel lattes can do that to you), I reminisce of a simpler time where the wifi was free-flowing and boredom minimal. Let me catch you up dear readers: last week marked my arrival back to Newcastle, and although I'm delighted to return to canny civilisation, it came at a cost. As over exaggerated as this sounds, a house without internet is much like a heart without a pulse - dead. Martin and myself have been quite literally twiddling our thumbs until the triumphant arrival of our Sky broadband next week! 

However this little dry spell hasn't been all bad, if anything it's made me detach myself from browsing Pinterest's 'Fall' section and actually open my eyes to the real autumnal beauty around me. Since September's approach, social media, fashion magazines and the likes have been buzzing with excitement for the grand debut of cozy knitwear, darker hued lipsticks and nights in by the fire. Whether I'm out casually picking blackberries or adding that extra layer to today's outfit, it's hard not to fall in love with Fall. A few things I absolutely adore about Autumn include...

Crisp, brisk walks in the countryside with the leaves crackling beneath your feet

When you can see your breath materialise in front of you on a frosty day but you're completely oblivious to the cold because you're a human burrito of layered knitwear

Sipping that first hot chocolate/spiced latte of the season

Mentally justifying the outrageous price of a coat, because it'll forevermore be your "winter coat"

Becoming one with nature - collecting conkers for no reason whatsoever, picking blackberries and gathering a pile of leaves to otherwise entertain yourself via dancing in them, kicking them etc

Purchasing an obscene amount of seasonal Yankee Candles because it should be autumn outside AND inside!

Experiencing the glorious transition of light, summer food move on to heartier meals which incidentally must always include gravy

Whipping out your hat and scarf because they're finally considered socially acceptable accessories again

Going into human hibernation: having a blanket cocooning you at all times, stocking up on stodgy comfort food and napping until your body clock goes completely out of whack

Embracing your inner goth when fashion decides to go a little darker - darker lipsticks, darker clothes

Trying to channel your inner creative by carving impossibly difficult artwork in your Halloween pumpkin

Relishing the sound of the rain whenever you're cooped up indoors all cozy binging on your latest TV addiction

What do you love most about Autumn/Fall?

  1. I love autumn for the crisper mornings and actually being awake when that dawn/dusk light is still around. I'm loving putting on scarves, wearing woolly socks in the evenings and it being totally OK to stay in for tea + cake nights, TV nights and cosy evenings.
    Jennifer x

  2. "Whipping out your hat and scarf because they're finally considered socially acceptable accessories again" Haha I agree 100% I wish I could wear a scarf all year round but I always get funny looks whenever I wear a scarf and it's hot out... I'm sorry but scarves should be acceptable ALL year round, even if it's hot... lol!

    I love the cooler weather the most! Even though Florida cool weather is not very cool at all... it's still nicer than the hot and humid temperatures that Summer brings!


  3. Oh it's sounds so nice! Can't wait to be able to experience autumn , Caribbean Life.
    Lovely post!- http:www.jaseyjade.blogspot.com

  4. This is a beautiful post, Claire!
    I've been working ridiculously early shifts all week, and although driving to work in the dark has been difficult, I've sort of enjoyed it... Just because it's so chilly in the mornings and I can layer up the knitwear and blast my heating on while driving along, knowing I've got the whooooole day ahead of me and everyone else is still asleep.
    I'm looking forward to Saturday and Sunday though - a bit more of a lie in for both days and although Saturday will be spent revising, it will be in my cosiest loungewear and a pamper evening to follow!
    I have yet to drink my first pumpkin spiced latte, but a homemade version has been on my to-do list since the start of the month. Maybe I'll get round to just buying one on Sunday when I may visit Cardiff to see a friend :)
    Lovely post, please post more like this!

    N xo


  5. This post has made me feel all cosy inside! I got to put on my favourite long red cardigan on the other day and it felt so good! I love Autumn! x

  6. Yes, yes and yes - autumn is my favourite season - for all of these reasons... though I'm one of those people who drinks hot chocolate all year round :)


  7. I love everything listed and more! ^__^ I can't wait to carve my first pumpkin and drink hot chocolate :) Hope you're doing well lovely! <3

    Jemma xx

  8. Definitely the changing of the leaves! That's my favourite!

  9. I love it when the leaves change colour and the smell of the moist air in the evenings. Bonfire and fireworks night is one of my favourite times of the year too!



  10. I love this post! My favorite thing about fall (once it actually starts feeling like fall here) is being able to break out boots and hot chocolate! I also love candles that make my home smell like fall.


  11. Love this post! Autumn is my fave too! | www.mybeautyaddiction.com

  12. Yum, that coffee looks amazing.... !
    I love Autumn, its such a pretty time of year... is it wrong I'm actually wishing it gets cooler so I can start wearing my coat?

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  13. Everything about it, really! I also love how you can come in from the cold, take off some of your super cosy layers and just relax with a mug of hot chocolate. I also love scarves :)
    Lucy :3