- Tuesday, 9 September 2014 -

Too Cool for School: Schooltime Essentials

Hello you lovely lot! So, I'll admit my blogging schedule has been slightly topsy turvy recently due to my newfound laziness because hey, it's autumn now and I deserve those extra hours in bed! But with the dawning of September, also comes the dawning of realisation that school is round the corner. To anyone that may be starting anew at college, university or likewise, don't worry, that feeling in the pit of your stomach of impending doom is completely normal. As a long-time sufferer of anxiety, I understand how utterly daunting a new environment can be, but with the right attitude and proper precautions, these can honestly turn out to be the best years of your life! 

Firstly, let me state that my exemplar school essentials are in no way concrete or consistent, what I've displayed above is simply a rough guide to getting the best out of your educational experiences! 

A sturdy bag - So let's start with the basics, you're gonna need a strong, supportive bag to haul all your shit around. I'm a thorough believer that you can never go too wrong with a stylish satchel!

A purse/wallet - Whether you're attending college or uni, you're going to need a place to hold your student card. In my experience, flippantly stowing your student card in a pocket is a bad move as you're far more likely to lose it that way.

Knitwear - The amount of times I've sat in lecture halls or classes, shivering with the cold and cursing my impudence for not layering up (ahem, this applies for both summer AND winter). Stick on a hat and throw on a scarf, if all fails, you can simply slump them over that stylish satchel of yours!

Pencil case - People who survive on bringing pens alone to class elude me. 

Kindle/tablet - The more condensed form of the laptop. It's light and definitely more compact than a bulky laptop. Bring your tablet to class for note taking, or in your free time afford yourself some 'me time' and chill out with a quick game or therapeutic read. 

Glasses - Please disregard this if you actually do have the coveted 20/20 vision. Think you've marked your territory and that seat near the front is finally yours? WRONG. Class numbers are never a concrete notion, some days the place will be packed out and others it won't. So if you do ever find yourself about a mile away from the blackboard, bring some glasses for clarity. 

Drinking bottle - Water feeds the brain, right? Stay hydrated at all times and forgo having to pay extravagant prices for a bottle of pop on campus. Drinking regularly will not only keep you awake and alert but it'll also remedy that nasty hangover you've been nursing since this morning.

Lip balm/makeup - I like to carry around the necessities with me: lip balm for emergency chapped lips, matte powder to keep those blemishes at bay and lip stick, to refrain from fading. Also, although not pictured, the inclusion of tissues would be a good call also!

Hairbrush - Let me break it down for you: I attend university in the north of England i.e. where wind is a relentless element intent on making your hair look like a birds nest. 

Body spray - Discover that your timetable has you in class until late? Not had time for a morning shower? Carry some body spray at all times so you can freshen yourself up whenever necessary.

Journal/Planner - I would be completely lost without a planner. I find that I'm forever scribbling down assignments and deadlines in the avid hope of being organised. It pays off though, because come the day of handing in an essay, I WON'T be the one groaning "oh I thought that was meant to be in tomorrow".

What're your schooltime essentials?

  1. Ahhh this makes me miss college/uni.. <3 :)

    P.S. Adorbs hat! ^_^

    Jem xx

  2. Your pencil case is so cute! I wish I had had something as cute as that when I was in school :D


  3. I love your pencil case, might try crocheting some!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. That pencil case is adorable!
    Body spray is always essential... Those long college days were the worst

  5. That satchel is gorgeous, I love it and the stationery you bought is so cute. I love buying new bits and pieces for a new season, especially when I was at school, and even though I'm no longer a student, I still do it! Lovely post. - Tasha xxx

  6. Love the satchel


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