- Monday, 29 September 2014 -

Sunday Snippets

Hello you lovely lot! Today's post is a quick one simply summarising my Sunday! As you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic this week as I've attempted to get back into the swing of things and regain my university routine. Needless to say, this weekend I found myself deserving of a glass of wine and a cheeky chinese as reward for finishing my first week back. Like any other morning, I started my day off with a strong mug of tea and breathed in the satisfaction of a Sunday lie-in. Not wanting to waste the day and brimming with excitement upon hearing that a vintage fair had come to town, I took the first train into the city centre. As usual, the fair had me drooling over its retro displays, kitschy accoutrements and lavish collection of clothes. Afterwards, Martin and myself popped over to Newcastle's Laing Art Gallery to take in some of the local artwork. Our visit was very pleasant as there's just something so enriching about educating yourself and feeding your inner creative. However our sophistication was soon doused by a quick trip to our favourite noodle bar! Overall, we had an uncharacteristically busy Sunday but we found it a nice change to usually sleeping the day away.

Did you have a nice weekend?

  1. Sounds like a fab Sunday! I had a pretty chilled out weekend this week. Wasn't feeling too good so spent most of it reading blogs and drinking tea/orange juice! Really want some noodles now....thanks! haha!

  2. what a wonderful sunday!!! beautiful photos!! my sunday was spent with mugs of tea, shopping, resident evil + the season premier of once upon a time! :)

  3. sounds like a brilliant sunday! :) i love vintage fairs! they are pretty regular here which is awesome! :) unfortunately my sunday was spent at work but i had a little relax lol :) also noodles are awesome!!

  4. Yuuummmmm, those noodles look amazing!
    Love your photos, doll. And I am with you in the getting back into a uni routine. We can do this!

    Laura | elelibee

  5. Lovely photos, all of those vintage prints are so lovely! Vintage dresses will forever be my downfall!



  6. A vintage fair sounds like so much fun! And that Chinese food looks AMAZING! I absolutely love grabbing Chinese whenever I don't feel like cooking. so so good :)


  7. Mmmmmm I am craving chinese food so badly. I would love some Lo Mein right now UGH.


  8. Fell in love with the last picture! ^_^

  9. I absolutely adore Sundays when you find some really great plans last minute! Nothing worse than sitting in... sometimes, at least ;)

    Vickie | dearvictoria.co.uk