- Saturday, 13 September 2014 -

Blogging Tips: Backgrounds!

Hello you lovely lot! Since I got such a tremendous response from my previous tip-themed post on how to battle the dreaded blogger's block (which you can view here), I thought it a good idea to continue this little series and share some tips and tricks with you about enhancing your photographs by experimenting with various backgrounds. Granted, I've not been on the blogging scene for very long, I have learned that good photography goes a long way and that introducing colour and little props such as flowers, excite the eyes and reel the reader in...

1/ Floor and Carpet: There's just something so rustic and aesthetically appealing about a wooden floor. It looks so homely and inviting and with the addition of the carpet, it injects a splash of colour to an otherwise overpowering bland brown background. This carpet was purchased from Urban Outfitters, I love its shabby look and how the image instantly turns boho with it included. Also bloggers, don't be afraid of layering your image with items - experiment with colour as this will intrigue your audience.

2/ White:
Along with the ironic inclusion of Naked 3 palettes and PR samples, nothing epitomises a blogger more than the colour white! White is professional, classy and clean so it's no wonder why its become the bloggers quintessential backdrop of choice. Having not grown up with any white bedroom furniture to avail of, I actually went out and bought a cheap Ikea side table instead. Additionally, as the colour white reflects light, my photographs appear much brighter and eye-catching. 

3/ Wrapping Paper: Yes, you read that correctly! Ever found that your backgrounds have become too repetitive or you're simply sick of using the same dull setting? Why not invest in some wrapping paper to give your photos that extra pop? Try to avoid using a busy pattern (I came across a jelly bean print the other day...) as that can sometimes take away from your photos and distract your reader. I like to use simple patterns in muted colours, as shown in the image above.

4/ Bed Covers: Another background staple of the blogging world is bed covers! The countless times I've visited a blogpost because of the bed covers alone drawing me in (consequently resulting in me asking the blogger where they got said covers from). I absolutely adore it when bloggers use any fabrics in general as their background of choice, there's also been occasions where I've utilised my clothes for photographic backgrounds - remember last year's furry coat that you've recently fell out of love with? Well it's suddenly found its new life purpose!

 5/ Magazines: Another fad that's taking the blogosphere by storm is the creative use of magazines serving as backgrounds. I'll admit, the big brand name of "Vogue" or "Elle" spread across a blog photo is very striking - especially for our fabulous fashion or beauty bloggers. There's suddenly an element of activity injected into the image which is sure to catch an eye or two.

6/ The Great Outdoors: Photographing outside not only offers luminous, natural lighting, but there's colour everywhere you look - especially now that autumn has set in and beautiful berry hues and orange tones dominant the surroundings. Take advantage of fallen leaves and green grassy backdrops to give your photos that fresh, earthy feel.

7/ Props - Bits and Bobs: There's nothing I love more than enhancing an otherwise bland and boring image with a good 'ol prop! Sometimes merely showing your products alone in your photos can appear quite flat, so why not add some colourful texture like little beads or a bunch of flowers to give your images that extra oomph! It's also a nice touch to incorporate pretty dishes to exhibit your product in, or have perhaps some nice candles or ornaments lurking in the background so that your readers can better relate to you and your homely interiors. 

What backgrounds do you use for photographs?

  1. Some lovely tips that I need to start using! ^__^ Oh you are a creative cookie!
    Love this post, as always!

    Jem :)

  2. Loved this post, I tend to stick to my white desk as a background but it'd be great to mix it up a bit, I especially like the idea of taking pictures outside. That'd look so cute when there's snow about everywhere later on in the year! Really helpful, thank you xo

  3. Wrapping paper is such a good idea! I use my sketch pad for white backgrounds, or just the plain lilac walls of my bedroom. I like finding interesting things though, and have used scraps of fabric in the past as a way of getting some more colour and patterns in.
    Jennifer xx

  4. Really enjoyed reading this post! I often worry my background gets repetitive, so these tips will come in very handy!! I never thought of using wrapping paper or a bed sheet! Genius! Also I often try the whole layered magazine thing but worry it's to busy?
    Great post! Levi x

  5. I love this, it is so useful, I really struggle finding photo op worthy ops in my house, so the ideal of using wrapping paper and the outdoors is genius! Thank you

  6. I love it. You are quite creative as well! I'm so going to use that tip of using wrapping paper!

  7. All these backgrounds are really sweet! I wish I was as good with this kind of thing.
    Lucy :3

  8. LOVELOVELOVE this post,,
    I need some cute props haha x
    Love Victoriajanex

  9. Ah this is insane, I have a post about photo backgrounds scheduled for this week! I'll move it to a later date... but how funny, I guess it's true that great minds think alike ;)


  10. Love this post so much! Very useful and I can't wait to try them out!

    Jasmine x

  11. I love these tips, such a great post and blog too! I am a fan of the white background. I bought some big pieces of card from the art store and I take photos on them, they are super sturdy really big but can be stored under your bed or in a cupboard or something and they are really cheap too! X

  12. Great tips :) I am always struggling to think of artistic additions for my background so will bookmark this for future reference xx

    Brenda | www.brendabusybee.blogspot.com

  13. Excellent tips! Investing in some wrapping paper soon!

  14. Great tips! I like using wooden floor/desk or a pretty blanket!

  15. great tips! I also use white paper as a backdrop since all my furniture are walnut. I also have started using magazines in my photos which definitely adds a beauty/fashion-kinda feel. Thanks for sharing

    Shanna | Curves and Lashes

  16. These are absolutely great tips! I already use some of them but I have definitely found some new gems - thank you! x


  17. Great tips - something I really need to work on is taking more photos for posts which aren't directly photography related. Thanks :D


  18. These are some great ideas! I love the thought of wrapping paper! I just discovered your blog and really enjoy reading!

  19. Wonderful tips, I must admit that your photo's do always look amazing! xx