- Thursday, 14 August 2014 -

Paperchase Haul: Back to School!

Hello my lovelies! Well, it's that time of year again where school preparations are set in motion, whilst others are mentally preparing themselves for the alcoholic olympics during Fresher's Week, for me, it can only point to one thing: a good old fashioned stationery haul. Admittedly, I always experience a flourish of excitement whenever I walk into the likes of WHSmiths only to be greeted by a flurry of  buzzing students completely clouded in the task of gathering their school-time stationery essentials for the new year. However, as a designer it's sometimes hard to decipher between what's absolutely necessary and what's novelty. 

Generally, my course is composed of creative design work so 90% of the time, my head is stuck in a laptop either researching on the internet or experimenting in the Adobe suite, so it's very rare that I take physical pen to paper. However, when I attend design seminars where essays as opposed to coursework is the outcome, it's always nice to have some cute and quirky stationery in your bag to brighten up an otherwise boring lecture - and no other store says cute and quirky quite like Paperchase! 

I've been seeing the Paperchase panda highlighters everywhere recently and as my inner hipster screamed for me not to give into conformity, these adorable kitty highlighters caught my eye and won my heart instead. For as long as I can remember, I've always striven to have the coolest pencil case in the class - to me, a pencil case is the kid's equivalent of an adult's handbag, you want it to reflect your mood and personality. And let's be honest, you can't get much cooler than a banana pencil case!

I treated myself to a cactus patterned notebook for when I'm lacking inspiration, and can just brainstorm and jot down ideas and influences. Additionally, it's a lined notebook so it'll definitely keep me organised in any seminars I attend. Like any good artist, I also purchased a brown sketchbook where I can just let my imagination spill out and will hopefully be filling up a page a day to keep my creative juices forever flowing. Oh, and I may have bought some freakin' adorable dinosaur stickers to decorate the front cover as well. I've always been an avid sticker collector, layering them on my books and doors, giving everything a more whimsy appeal. Lastly, I picked up a few pens, both for writing and drawing, to keep my banana pencil case company (you can never go too wrong with a good Bic pen!).

Finally, I want to wish everyone who received their A Level results today a massive congratulations! And this proud praise isn't just for the people who got four A*s - this is for everyone who tried their very best and got through it. A few years ago I opened up my UCAS account to discover that I not only hadn't got the grades I'd desired but consequently hadn't got into the university I'd wanted either. A whirl of emotions attacked me as the dreadful prospect of going through Clearing dawned upon me. It turned out that Clearing was actually okay and I actually got into a course that I knew I'd adore more than my original choice. I additionally endeavoured to get my grades remarked and a mere 2 weeks later found out that I'd went up from a C to a B and could get into my original university choice. However, having made peace with my new Clearing course and excited to delve right in in September, I accepted that everything happens for a reason and that whatever pathway you choose to take, you WILL be okay :)

  1. I NEED those highlighters in my life!

  2. Love your haul- the highlighters are so cute. Good ol' brown sketchbooks are brilliant to. Nothing better than a neutral one!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. I LOVE ALL OF THIS and you ;) x

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  4. Oh my gosh that cactus notebook! I love Paperchase so much!

    Rhianna xxx


  5. Oh my god I need those cat highlighters! I'm going into my second year and I think getting some pretty stationary will motivate me to use them in my lectures and note taking. Thanks for sharing this, I went through clearing too when I re-applied for uni (didn't like my original one the year before/didn't go through clearing that time) and I found the best course ever. Definitely agree everything happens for a reason :) x

    Christina @ http://www.lifeandluxe.com/

  6. Gahhh so cute! That pencilcase and those highlighters - I need them in my life! Such a cute post and I just adore your blog!

    Efflorescent Dream

  7. Paperchase is one of my favourite shops! Shame it's not here in Belgium :(

  8. This post warmed my inner stationary geek heart! ^__^ Love it! xx

  9. I'm in love with the cactus note book, it's on my paperchase wishlist haha. The pencil case is amazing also!
    Kloe xx

  10. Stationary shopping is the best thing about going back to school,I've been doing some today!Also I love your blog,I can't believe I just found it-following!(also you live in Newcastle-snap!)

    Have a good day,
    Jessie xo