- Friday, 29 August 2014 -

It's the Little Things

Hello you lovely lot! This post is kinda/not really but sort of the sequel to my previous blog entry. With life appearing to always be running in fast-forward mode, stopping to simply appreciate the little things can become trivial. We dedicate a copious amount of time into moulding that relationship or honing those work skills but where’s the time taken to consider ourselves? In such a vibrant, fast-paced society it’s sometimes too easy to forget that we’re a living, breathing human being and not just a blur in existence. 

So, I urge you dear readers to afford yourselves those little opportunities of relishing in delicious nothingness - go for a walk, read a book, binge on bad TV. I myself have recently given into life’s gratefulness and have been happily snapping away as a result - cue The Sound of Music’s “these are a few of my favourite thingggsss...”

A prettily printed dress

An adorable array of stickers

A beautiful teacup candle to brighten up even the dullest of decor

Enjoying a nice cup of tea in bed

Being completely besotted with an item you recently acquired (in this case my lovely dome necklace my mum bought me!)


What are the little things that you appreciate the most?

  1. I love the pictures! They're just so soothing and immediately, I'm smiling. Thanks so much for this blog post, Claire. Like I've said before: You're a joy to read!

    Me personally, I enjoy hot showers with my favourite soaps (current favourite being some Ginger Sparkle I hoarded from The Body Shop's Christmas promotion; it smells like cola gummy sweets!) and soft, satin-y pyjamas. Doing yoga stretches in a naturally-lit area is also a great way to boost my mood.

    xoxo Rin

  2. Mmmmmmm marshmallows! Yum yum.
    Love that necklace.
    For me it was last night - taking an evening to just plonk my bum on my sofa, watch a movie with my boyf whilst eating chocolate and drinking tea :)
    x tink x
    P.S. LOVE that candle in a teacup

  3. Where did your mum get that lovely necklace from?! It's gorgeous. But more to the point, what a lovely post. This has very much brightened up a bad day I've been having so thank you :)
    Rebecca, from The Two Twenty Somethings (www.thetwotwentysomethings.blogspot.co.uk)

  4. I love mini marshmallows like that! I swear they taste better then the regular sized marshmallows lol! I definitely appreciate QUIET TIME the most, i just love when it's quiet. I get so much done :)


  5. Stop being so perfect, I mean it! Haha ^__^ Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the way you see beauty in everyday things and it really translates across the screen. Wonderful stuff missy <3 x

    Oh! P.S. That dress ohmylordsocute!

  6. I absolutely adore these pictures!
    And I appreciate.. hmm... post! Like packages. gifts that I order myself online :-)(saddo)
    www.bitofeverythingblog.co.uk // ♥

  7. I really enjoyed this post, as well as many of your other posts! Those kawaii stickers are too perfect for words! Your photography has now made me even more excited for Autumn (refer too teacup and marshmellow photographs!!) The little things that I appreciate change upon the season, but this season I am loving any patterned bunting, basic clothing in autumn shades such as Maroon and everyone's passion that they put into their blogs as it means I have lots of informative and brilliant posts too read on an evening with my incense sticks filling the room up with heavenly aroma!

  8. ooooooooooooo! I want some marshmallows now!

    Lovely pics too by the way!


  9. This post is so cute, the teacup with the candle in is adorable and the stickers are brilliant! - Tasha xxx

  10. Can I have some of your marshmallows? Yum! :3 These are definitely included in my list of "little things".
    Your necklace is beautiful, by the way. I seem to have an obsession with locket watches - they are so sweet! I am wearing one today :)
    Lucy x

  11. Such a cute post! Nothing beats a good cup of tea in bed, except maybe a cup of tea AND biscuits! Have a lovely weekend :)


  12. lovely really! A good cup of tea is really one of the best little things :)

  13. Yes to tea in bed and yes to marshmallows!

  14. I always love your photos, which camera do you use?!


  15. Okay, so you have AMAZING taste and I want everything! That little necklace, the teacup, the dress and the stickers are all so cute :) xx


  16. This is such a lovely post! I definitely think it's important to stop and take the time to appreciate the things you love in life x