- Saturday, 9 August 2014 -

Confessions of a girl gamer

Hello my lovelies and a very happy weekend to you all! My weekend plans primarily consist of me indulging my inner child and getting stuck into Spyro the Dragon. I'll admit, growing up an only child was tough, with the occasional fleeting pangs of loneliness, and desperate longing for a sibling I could mentor, adore and otherwise torture - there was a definitive void in my life. Gaming has always been an extraordinary form of escapism for me, emerging myself in the characters worlds, becoming completely engrossed in their lives. I honestly thought that by age 22 my Pokemon obsession would have faded by now and my World of Warcraft account diminished, yet here I am, forever nostalgic and still playing my favourite games. Gaming will always be a huge part of me and has become an irrevocable influence in my life, so here is my ten cents on how gaming has shaped me:

1) Any item of clothing printed with a gaming theme (Space Invaders, Pokemon, Zelda etc), it WILL be mine - I will hunt that bad boy down and forever worship it's novelty. The same actually goes for game-inspired toys and plushes. I'm a super nerd when it comes to Pokemon toys and am adamant that one day I will be the proud owner of an Eevee tattoo.

2) I am a super softie when it comes to character attachment - Seriously, if you've ever played any of the Assassin's Creed franchise, you'll feel my pain. Spending so many hours emotionally investing yourself in a character definitely has its repercussions, I personally like to curl up in the fetal position on the bed and roll around in denial for a few hours after a game has ended, pondering what the hell I'm meant to do with my life now. 

3) I mention to my guy friends that I'm an avid gamer, and they instantly see me in a different light - Ahh, the male species.

4) Gaming is therapy -  Ever have a really shitty day where it just feels like the entire universe is conspiring against you? Well, what if I told you that digitally killing things can remedy this funk. During counselling, people are taught to healthily and cathartically take out their emotions by screaming into a pillow or writing an angry letter. But trust me, imagining the bitch who bullied you as one of the enemy players on Call of Duty is a far more satisfying experience. 

5) I have a strong preference for female characters - Perhaps its the subliminal feeling of sisterhood, or the fact that I like the characters cute outfit, I will most definitely pick a sassy Princess Peach over a Mario Brother any day. 

6) The Xbox controller will forever elude me - I've always been a loyal Playstation fanatic, and have never strayed from Sony's superiority and simplicity. It's this reason alone, that every time an Xbox controller is thrust into my hands I feel like a fish out of water, staring blankly at the billions of extra buttons this new controller boasts. 

7) Learn the lingo and prepare yourself for gore and prolific obscenities - Like travelling to a new country, the odds are that you're probably going to have to pick up some of the native tongue whilst there. The same goes for various gaming platforms, for instance when I'm having a good 'ol rough game of Call of Duty I frequently hear the terms "noob" and "camper," conflictingly when I'm having some down time in World of Warcraft, players will persistently be spurting terms like "gz" and "ding". Learn to embrace these new experiences, sure you've always said you wanted to learn a new language! 

Do you play any video games?

  1. I loved this post (: I am personally an Xbox girl, never really got to grips with playstation (: xx

  2. I love this post so much because I'm a massive gaming nerd too! And those pokemon figurines are SO cute, I want some! :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  3. WoW lover right here! ^__^ Im the same with characters, I get all attached and thats it for life! Haha. Im planning a tattoo of all my fave characters up my legs one day, from games, films, tv and comics. I adore this post!
    Jem x

  4. I cannot deal with xbox controllers! I thought it was just me! I always had a playstation until I had to sell it for money for food but hey ho I had to eat haha. I used to love my game boy and pokemon I never grew out of gaming I just needed food etc much more haha. Might have to get myself a new console with my student loan though ;)
    Kloe xx

  5. I play on PC more, although I do love Final Fantasy (on PS3) I'm addicted to WOW, and I'm pretty sure I spent most of my childhood playing Runescape!

  6. I really enjoyed this post! I can't get my head around today's consoles and saying that makes me feel so old! I will forever love my PSOne and Sega Megadrive which I really need to get fixed! I miss the old days of playing Sonic the Hedgehog for eight hours straight because there was no way of saving the game!
    Jodie xx

  7. I'm a gamer throughand through, with Skyrim and GTA5 taking up a lot of my time. The xbox is my preferred console but we also have a Playstation, Wii and Wii U in the house! :) lisa x (@cthulhuwakes)

  8. LOVE this post! I would definitely say I am a more xbox/nintendo ds girl myself (especially the nintendo part through childhood!). I just enjoy getting into a game and it's story and multiplayer- even though a lot of the time it does end up just being a screaming match towards the tele and the person who constantly keeps pissing me off! I have to say it does irritate me when you tell a guy that you're into games and they see you in a different light!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  9. I've never been a big gamer myself, but I do like watching my boyfriend playing at times! Watching him play Skyrim kind of made me want to get it hahah.
    I did play Pokemon in my teens, but was never super into it. I much preferred Animal Crossing and Sims!

  10. Big loves for this post! I am a PC gamer mainly with World of Warcraft being my number 1 choice, I am so excited for the next expansion to come out, it's crazy! I have met some amazing people from gaming, yes there are the idiots that ruin for you but yay for the ignore button! Thankfully the other half is a PS gamer and will spend his time on Battlefield or something while I get to enjoy mine.

    Rhiannon x
    The Sparkly Panda

  11. There's something therapeutic about coming home after a long stressful day at work booting up a game and not have to worry about anything besides playing. I'm playing Xcom right now and I love it despite sometimes wanting to throw my laptop across the room. I'm also a Pokemon fan! I have played every single one I can get my hands on.


  12. Big love for this! I knew there was a reason I liked you so much ;p However I have to say, I am the complete opposite when it comes to controllers. Give me an xbox controller anyday, playstation ones just don't feel right!


  13. Love this post! I bought a 2ds at christmas and have spent so much time playing Pokemon and Animal Crossing since. Find it so relaxing to play a bit and take my mind of uni things! x


  14. do you play on steam? add me. my name is Emmorcamel xx

  15. I have all my PSOne games still and I am forever playing Spyro and Crash Bandicoot for nostalgia sake. However, I do have a word of frustration and criticism for Spyro next too my fond compassionate nature towards Spyro as a cute dragon who defeats all evil!

    I have recently bought a Nintendo DS and after some reservations with it I am actually obsessed with playing Pokemon on it, after my Gameboy Advance the fact that I can see the graphics brightly and sharply is amazing!

    Unfortunately I wanted too fall in love with Final Fantasy but the gameplay is too automatic for me and I enjoy PS games too challenge me in terms of skill and well battle play, I want too feel as though I won the battle I guess.

  16. I have loved pokemon since quite a young age and can relate to this :) I actually own a pikachu onesie that you can see in my blog post here: http://whatthefudge14.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/pikachu-and-punk-edits.html
    Lucy x

  17. I'm an xbox girl. I did although have a pokemon n64 which I loved to death. Also used to be addicted to warcraft (played it for 5 years!).