- Tuesday, 12 August 2014 -

Battling Blogger's Block: 50 Ideas

Hello you lovely lot! During my short time as a blogger, I've learned that there are a handful of inevitabilities that you and your new-found blogger status must be prepared to expect: like how much more aware you'll become of the upcoming Autumn/Winter collection or how every other blog giveaway is guaranteed to boast a MAC lipstick as a prize. What you may fail to realise however, is that your creative juices don't always flow according to plan; that there will be incidences where you'll be blankly sat at your computer screen with a glazed over look in your eye and nothing more in your head than the theme tune to Star Wars looping on repeat - oh, just me? 

When you're stuck in said slump, it's important to try and reap inspiration from wherever you see fit - from magazines, from fellow bloggers, books, television, the holy grail that is the internet - trust me, you'll get your mojo back.  However, for anyone out there that feels that their well has run slightly dry due to an epidemic I like to call "blogger's block," here are a few ideas to get you back on the horse! (Jesus, could that last sentence have had any more metaphors!?).

1/ Dedicate yourself to an hour-by-hour picture post

2/ Create a wishlist 

3/ An Instagram round-up post

4/ Write a colour-themed or rainbow-themed post

5/ Review something that you recently purchased

6/ Write a post about what book(s) you're reading

7/ A 'Tag' post, such as the '25 Things You Don't Know About Me' Tag

8/ Share a Q&A post

9/ Do a 30 Day Challenge, such as fitness, photography, DIY etc

10/ Give your readers a tour of your room/house

11/ Take the plunge and make a vlog!

12/ Share what's in your handbag or makeup bag

13/ Create a post of what's been making you happy

14/ Share a collection

15/ Write a post about your hobbies

16/ Create a list of your weekly/monthly/current goals

17/ Write up a DIY post

18/ Share the love! Write about what bloggers you're currently loving

19/ Share a simple beauty tutorial

20/ Write, document and photograph the 'simple little things' in life

21/ Recently visit a new cafe or restaurant? Why not review it!

22/ Share an Outfit of the Day post

23/ Discovered a new recipe you like? Write it up on your blog

24/ Conduct an interview of someone who inspires you

25/ Share your daily makeup and hair routine

26/ Write a letter to your younger self

27/ Is it Christmas or had a birthday recently? Write up a haul of all you received!

28/ If you've been on holidays, why not share photos/your experience

29/ Create a post dedicated to your pet

30/ A guide around the town you live in

31/ Write a 'Reality vs Expectations' post, about life, love etc

32/ Why not ask someone to guest post?

33/ Write a post about your pet peeves

34/ Have any tattoos or piercings? Let's hear about them!

35/ Create an 'A-Z of Me' post series

36/ Review your favourite apps

37/ Talk about why you started blogging and why you love it

38/ Compile a post of all your favourites: favourite person, food, film, book etc

39/ Reached a certain reader milestone? Why not hold a thank you giveaway!

40/ Write about how NOT to do something

41/ Create a '7 Deadly Sins' post

42/ Express your opinion about a recent news event or worldly occurrence

43/ Show your readers how you take and edit your photos - give tips!

44/ Create a weekly 'Top 5' series: Top 5 beauty products, perfumes, books etc

45/ Create a Frequently Asked Questions or 'FAQs' post

46/ Share some of your favourite quotes and how they relate to your life

47/ Why not share a personal experience of yours, and what you've learned from it

48/ Write about the pros and cons of something, like blogging for instance

49/  Found a bargain or a fantastic dupe recently? Sharing is caring!

50/ Write a post about your social media marketing skills and tips

  1. great tips, i've bookmarked this for when i'm feeling the slump!
    charl x

  2. This is so useful!
    Thanks for sharing especially since I am in the middle of major bloggers block!

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  3. Such a good post. I'm going to bookmark this and use as point of reference next time I have "Bloggers Block" :)
    (Also, what is an hour by hour picture post?)
    x tink x allabouttink.co.uk

  4. Some brilliant ideas you have here. I'll definitely keep this saved for my stuck moments.

    Rhiannon x
    The Sparkly Panda

  5. Such a helpful post! Have bookmarked this as I sometimes run out of ideas. But sometimes I have so many I can't keep up xD


  6. Oh I'm definitely bookmarking this for when I have Bloggers Block! Thank you!
    xxx Jenn @ Hello Wench

  7. It's the theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that usually plays in my head when I'm staring blankly at an empty word document. One day I'll write a post dedicated entirely to Carlton's dance moves.
    I need to save this post! Bloggers block is hitting me far too often these days and you've got some great ideas.

    Raise The Waves

  8. Great ideas - thank you for sharing :) xx

    Brenda | www.brendabusybee.blogspot.com

  9. Great post! xx

  10. ohmygoodness!!! these are amazing topics!!! i love them all!! i'm def. writing these down for future blog posts!! thank you so much for the inspiration!!!! xoxo

  11. YOU ARE AMAZING!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm totally using some of these!

  12. This has helped us SO much, thankyou!!! www.d4rkp4radise.blogspot.com :)x

  13. Such a helpful post!!! I am bookmarking this for later. Thank you so much for making this.

    Debasree // All She Needs

  14. Great ideas! I'm in a bit of a slump right now so this is excellent :-)

  15. This really helped as i am a new blogger and not quiet the best at this yet! Thankyou so much x