- Wednesday, 27 August 2014 -

A Lesson in Loving Yourself

Hello my lovelies! With the world seeming like it’s spinning out of control in a chaotic climate with wars and tragedy and death, it’s sometimes difficult to summon the inner fortitude required to realise your own happiness. Whether you know me personally or we’ve simply experienced a fleeting encounter, people forever perceive me as the quintessential “positive person”. There have been numerous incidences where I’ve wandered into an unfamiliar doctors appointment where upon routinely asking me if I’m on any medication they appear genuinely shocked to learn I’m on antidepressants. I simply shrug off their comments and utter a giggly and rather nonchalant “well it looks like they’re working, doesn’t it?” I’m a believer in the philosophy that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you so when I exude such happiness, I bring it. 

The world is a dangerously dark place, but a more sinister one is a person’s mind. True, there are soldiers out there in Gaza battling for their country, but there are also people sat in their own homes battling their demons, their financial instability, their self-image issues... It amazes me how often we as human beings have the tendency to immortalise one negative thing in an ocean of purely positive things - how when we have our family, our friends and our health, we can bleakly obsess over what an electronic device is telling us about our current weight. However, I too understand the plight of gaining perspective and the overwhelming inability to admit to loving yourself. Just like day and night, sometimes life can be draped in temporary shadow however it’s always imperative to remember that soon your sun will be shining brightly and with it, your chance to bask in it’s light and positivity. 

In truth, it’s easier to love ourselves when life is going well but the second you feel the impending urge to scream or cry or just generally curl up in the fetal position on the floor, give yourself time to let it all out. Sometimes society isn’t so supportive of our personal woes and tends to dictate that we pick ourselves up and move on because relationships, work and life impatiently await. So, dear readers, below I’ve composed a little list of tips and tricks towards nurturing self-love, nobody’s perfect and neither are these suggestions but I hope in some way, shape or form they help to inspire you to spread the love...

Treat yourself: Be it that devilish piece of chocolate cake that’s been eyeing you up or those pair of shoes that are your leathery solemates (see what I did there?), treat yourself to something because you deserve it.

Put things into perspective: Not happy with your weight? Well, guess what? It’s not like when you were born you’re destined to be set at a certain weight - this isn’t the weight you’ll always be and you can change that.

Cut the crap: Anything that you feel may be bringing you down - bad friends, bad food, bad work - attempt to rectify by readjusting, because you deserve so much better.

Happy Claireday: Give yourself a day to indulge in anything you desire. Build a duvet fort and binge on Disney films, grieve over that job you didn’t get, have yourself a well-deserved drink after a hard day - just let yourself breath. 

Make others happy: Honestly, paying people compliments, smiling at strangers and undergoing little acts of kindness will boost your positivity and have your faith in humanity restored - huzzah!

Play dress up: When you look good, you feel good. Even if you’ve got nowhere to go, get yourself out of bed and into that little black dress, sure why not even take a few selfies while you’re at it because you ARE beautiful!

Hugs, not drugs: Hugging others and being hugged is hands down one of the best feelings ever. Not a fan of hugs? Well, studies have proven that people who own pets have their loneliness eased and moods simultaneously boosted, so show your fuzzy friend some love!

Talktalktalk: Don’t bottle things up, get together with some old friends and reminisce, swallow your pride and book that appointment with a counsellor, buy yourself a journal and document your thoughts, hopes and dreams. Honestly, sharing is caring and don’t ever feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to - heck, talk to me! Maybe I can help :)

  1. Posts like these make me happy to be a lifestyle blogger and to read beautiful posts like yours. I can't tell you the amount of days I've wanted to hide away for not getting that 'perfect' job in an interview - but there's always something to be happy about. Lovely, inspiring post :-) - www.emmavictoriastokes.com

  2. Love this, and it's true that doing something as simple as helping someone else out can totally make you feel better! I also like the fort idea, I think forts can fix everything :D


  3. This is such a lovely post (: I do like the idea of building a fort, makes everything better (: xx

  4. You are by far the loveliest blogger I've spoken to ever! You really do bring sunshine wherever you go.
    This is a fantastic post and I can definitely see myself doing some of these (if not all!) things. I had a bad day yesterday as you know from Twitter, and Im definitely taking it easy today and cheering myself up.
    Also, trying to make others happy is one of the best ways to also make yourself happy in my opinion - so I love that tip most! :)
    Mwah! xx Jemma xx

  5. I finally got onto the laptop and am able to comment but now my mind has gone blank.
    Honestly lady, sometimes words are not enough to express how truly brilliant you are. This is a fabulous post (just like all the others) and I hope man, many people read and learn from it.
    Perspective and making others happy are the main two I live by.
    I bloody love you! I hope that once I've moved you and Martin come up to Berwick for a little break sometime and we can catch up :) x

  6. I love this quote!

    "The world is a dangerously dark place, but a more sinister one is a person’s mind."

    It's so true. People underestimate how powerful the mind can be, which can be both good and bad.
    Anyway, I just found your blog tonight. Can't wait to read more!


  7. This was such a lovely post, I've been feeling really stressed and down recently and I don't like to show it to others so I really relate to what you were saying with doctors, I told my mum how I'm feeling today and I already feel so much better, I'm bookmarking this post because the tips are so useful, thanks for sharing xx


  8. This is so lovely, and beautiful written! You're such an amazing and thoughtful person. I hope this is seen and shared by many because it's a very important post, and self-love is often something overlooked as you say!


  9. Can I come round yours and build a duvet fort and watch Disney films with you?

  10. I have just been looking through your blog and this was the second post I have come across. OH MY GOSH, thank you for this! I love love love this post. I am only 14 years old yet I have struggled with the way I see myself in the past (sometimes I still do) and am constantly noticing how people look at themselves in this light. I too try to conquer some of these issues via my blog though I have not seemed to do so as well as you have done here.
    Here are my thoughts: http://whatthefudge14.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/body-image.html
    Although it is clear that you have struggled with the way you see yourself in the past, I adore your outlook on life, as well as the way you write down your thoughts. Please keep writing posts like this! <3
    Lucy x

  11. I just now stumbled upon this post and it is beautiful! You are simply amazing, love xxx Keep on shining <3

    She Will Be

  12. What a lovely post. Sometimes it is hard to love ourselves, but through some of the methods you have suggested it doesnt make it easier - I find I feel so much better about myself after doing some of the things you have suggested here. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog