- Sunday, 20 July 2014 -

My Top 10 Things to do This Summer!

Hello my lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm still reeling/recovering from the past few days antics, as I attended the Longitude festival in Dublin on Saturday! I'm 22 years of age and unashamed to admit that this was my first festival experience and I freakin' loved it, I even rolled myself in glitter to look like the quintessential festival-goer. So, in the spirit of summertime I decided to compile this little list of summer fun I hope to accomplish! Considering it's July already (where have the summer months disappeared to!?) I've already experienced a handful of these activities but that's not to say I still have plenty more of the summer to soak up!
1/ No summertime would be complete without the conventional picnic. As a child I used to venture down my father's apple orchard and set up camp there; where the grass was long and the buttercups abundant, picture perfect, right?

2/ Staying with the theme of food, I also think a good 'ol BBQ is in order! My boyfriend's mother always plays hostess to an immense BBQ every year, with burgers, hotdogs and kebabs galore! Excuse me whilst I wipe the drool from the keyboard.

3/ Attend a festival/concert. Okay, so this has already been achieved but it IS festival season, right? Watching HAIM, Disclosure and The 1975 perform was definitely a summer highlight for me.

4/ Staying up all night chatting and reminiscing with old friends (give or take the appearance of alcohol). I've only been out with friends a number of times since returning back home to Ireland so a reunion with my bitches is in order.

5/ Have a holiday! Let's face it, what else are summers for? For the past couple of years my summers have been devoid of any holidays at all, so this year I was adamant that I'd be jetting off! This year I journeyed to Morocco, and you can read about my Arabian adventures here!

6/ Find the soundtrack to your summer. Okay so this is a bit of an unusual one but do you ever hear a song and it instantly transports you back to a happier moment or time? Well, I want to remember this summer forever and HAIM's album 'Days Are Gone' are helping me achieve that!

7/ It's your summer holidays, you have more time on your hands than you know what to do with it, so why not find a series to watch of have a movie marathon? I'm currently making my way through all the animated Disney films (it was The Sword in the Stone last night) and reliving my childhood by re-watching Sailor Moon.

8/ Let's have a day at the beach! Even if it's completely miserable - like it is 99% of the time here in Ireland, surprise surprise - the seaside scenery with some sandwiches are sure to perk you up!

9/ Spend a day shopping, rummaging through the sales and thrifting! Everyone needs a bit of retail therapy from one time or another. Picking up some new cheap sunnies or treating yourself to that floaty floral skirt is sure to bid away that summertime sadness (all hail Queen Lana).

10/ Gettin' crafty! Okay, so this is forever a goal for me, constantly striving to stretch my imagination to create and draw more. I definitely want to showcase more DIY posts on my blog!

What've you been getting up to this summer?

  1. Haim <3 they're just the entirety of my summer! x

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  2. What a perfect little list! Some I have achieved or will do but some I just wish I could.
    Glad you're enjoying your Summer so far - looking forwards to reading more of your adventures!

    Best wishes, Danielle x

  3. I've had two BBQs so far! The disposable ones are so handy when it's sooo hot out and there's a few burgers and sausages waiting to be cooked!
    love victoriajanex

  4. Lovely post! I feel like I'm being too lazy this Summer, need to sort it out! x


  5. ah such a good post, I've been writing stuff down that I want to do this summer, the last one before I graduate!
    love the new blog design to

    hannah xo


  6. A day at the beach?! Done! I went on Friday and it was lovely!

  7. Lovely post! Picnics are some of the best times <3

    Style Sunrise


  8. That's such a cute list!! Picnics are definitely the best!
    Gem and Jo, :)

  9. Great post, Summer's all about taking days out. Can't wait to load up a picnic and head out for the day :)