- Tuesday, 17 June 2014 -

Life's a Beach

Hello my lovelies! It feels as though I've been caught in a hurricane recently with the amount of packing and preparation going on for my return to Ireland. So yesterday I thought I'd take a break from it all and escape the hubbub of the house and have a day at the beach! I wasn't alone on my adventuring however, as the wonderful Katie from 'Katie's World of Beauty' joined me for some fun in the sun. Whitley Bay is your quintessential seaside town; with amusements to entertain the kids, a big, beautiful beach to explore and a plethora of charity shops to delve right into! The weather was so blissful that we spent the majority of our time wading in the rock pools to keep our feet cool.

It's been quite clouded and overcast here in Newcastle recently so we were actually quite fortunate to visit the beach on such a lovely day. Coming from the correspondence with my mother back home, Ireland is apparently experiencing a heatwave, with weather rivalling the mediterranean! I personally can't wait to be back home in my garden, sprawled out on a blanket with a good book and a crisp wine cooler in hand. We spent the majority of our stay in Whitley Bay snapping photographs, playing in the amusements and generally praying to god that a seagull doesn't use our head's as a toilet!

Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without indulging in some fine seaside ice cream. With the sun beaming down on us, it was a welcome treat, even though my milky bar ice cream did begin melting the second I stepped out of the shadows. Back home in Ireland, beaches like Whitley Bay are few and far between, as we tend to (stereotypically enough) be better known for our greener pastures. It was such a brilliant little outing and a breath of fresh air from the buzz of the city centre where we live - it was the perfect way to say goodbye to Newcastle before I return again in September.

  1. That ice cream and cone!! =DD It looks incredibly beautiful. An escape like that is always wonderful.

  2. This looks like such a lovely day - I think you need at least one day at the beach every summer! I am a little in love with your ice cream cone - how cute are the hundreds and thousands?!


    p.s. I agree that Ireland definitely has more green spaces than beaches, but you can't beat a wee day out at Portrush ;)

  3. Beautiful day out.

    Hey, how exciting, you're heading back to Ireland for the summer!! Bet you can't wait!! : D

    Faded Windmills

  4. Oh gosh you always take such beautiful photographs! I adore reading your posts :) x

  5. I love these photos! They're beautiful, it makes me want to go to the beach so bad! I'm also loving your new blog layout etc it's so pretty!
    Kloe xx

  6. That icecream looks lush :) x


  7. Lovely rebranding Claire, the cutest name too. These photos are gorgeous, I'm loving this amazing weather we're having at the minute. I wish I could visit the seaside soon!

  8. I love the beach! Will miss you over the summer cutie!

  9. Looks like you had a great day! I love Whitley Bay, it's where my cousin lives, though I haven't been in a few years.

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

  10. The beach is beautiful! and the ice cream looks delightful and cute!

  11. That ice cream looks bloomin delicious Claire!
    What camera/setting/editing do you use? Your photos are gorgeous <3

    Naomi xo