- Monday, 23 June 2014 -

DIY: Pretty Kitty Pumps

Hello my lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful week whatever you found yourselves up to! With moving back home to Ireland, getting settled and generally getting back into a comfortable routine, I've been buzzing around like a busy bee, admittedly watching my poor little blog gather dust in a corner. But fear not dear readers as I've a very special post scheduled for you today! It's been a while since I tackled a decent DIY and to be completely honest, I've been biding my time until arriving home where I can channel my creativity in my comfort zone, with endless crafty supplies at my disposal! When arriving home, I had a peek into my closet to see if anything could use a bit of revitalising and I don't know about you dear readers, but I have so many old pumps stuffed away in my closet, begging for a bitta revamping! This little tutorial is great if you're finding money a tad tight and you're sick of seeing the same shoes gathering dust in your cupboard, yet you're reluctant to bid them farewell. It's really a wonderful way of reviving an old pair of beloved pumps.

Step 1/ Apart from the obvious pair of shoes that require brightening up, you'll also need a sponge brush, some masking tape, a tube of acrylic paint (in your preferred colour) a small or thin bristled painting brush and a white marker. All of these essentials can be bought from the likes of Hobbycraft, Rymans or WHSmith.

Step 2/ In order to avoid any unwanted smudges and to achieve a straightened "toe-cap" effect with your paint, it's best to apply a few layers of the masking tape to avert any mistakes or messes.

Step 3/ I personally prefer using a sponge brush as opposed to a regular bristled brush as the paint glides on smoother with the sponge, leaving no pesky little bristles behind in the paint either!

Step 4/ I gave my shoes about 3 coats of acrylic paint as my pump are quite a pale nude to begin with. Another useful tip would be to dry the paint off using a hairdryer, if you're inpatient like me!

Step 5/ If you're feeling confidant, you could generally skip this step and just go freehand with your painting. However, just to be safe, I drew on some little cat ears as guidelines with a pencil. And don't worry if your ears appear wonky or disproportionate, I just used some cotton buds to pat away the pencil marks and simply start again.

Step 6/ Once you're finally happy with the symmetry/positioning/size of your cat ears, you can then use your little paintbrush to paint away to your heart's content!

Step 7/ When you've successfully completed your cat ears, you can use your trusty hairdryer to speed up the drying process, looking good, right? 

Step 8/ This is probably the easiest part of the process - drawing your kitty's wee face! The white pen I'm using was purchased in Hobbycraft and the ink is lovely and opaque; perfect for designing over the matte black. Additionally, the best bit about this step is even if you feel you've messed up your kitty's face (which I did... A LOT) you can simply paint over the pump and start again :)

And there you have it! Easy peasy kitty pumps!

  1. These are SO CUTE! Such a great idea and I'll definitely be trying it out on some old pumps I have that are a bit tattered and worn hehe. Thanks for the amazing idea, brilliantly executed as well =^_^=

    Emma x | Reverie Lane

  2. I love this diy! Very tempted to search through my wardrobe in the hope I have some shoes I can re-vamp like these...that or I'll just buy myself some to do this style!?

    -sarah xo

  3. Aw this is so cool and amazing! I needed to give this a try!

  4. Oh my goodness this is so cute. I really wanna try this now :) Great post, love your blog.

  5. These are amazing! I thought you bought them at first glance!
    Love the shoes and the design compliments them so well :) x

  6. This are brilliant and they look like they came straight out of a shop. Great way to give some old shoes some new life.

    Gaby x

  7. Ohhh these are so adorable! What a fun idea!

  8. These are amazing, definitely giving it a go!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  9. These are soo cute, what a great idea!

  10. This is such a fab idea (: xx

  11. Totally cute idea, and who doesn't love a kitty pump right?!



  12. Ahh so cute!! Even though I rarely wear shoes this shape, I'd totally wear them with little kitties on!

  13. Adorable DIY Claire they look shop bought! Wouldn't there be a problem with the rain though? I actually have some shoes I could use for this but I wish they wouldn't give me blisters.

    Amy x
    Everything and Amy

  14. These are so cute, will definitely have to try this sometime! They remind me of the Marc Jacobs mouse face flats that where so popular for a while.

    Lauren | laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk

  15. Dude, these are blooming awesome!! You creative wee minx!

    Faded Windmills

  16. I'm definitely doing this! These are absolutely adorable! You clever lady!
    Kloe xx

  17. As soon as I saw the picture I fell in love with the shoes! So cute will have to give this a go, what a lovely blog post xox

  18. Oh, such a great idea! I've seen plenty of shoes with this type of design online - who knew it would be so easy to make your own?! Does the paint hold up well though after wearing them out?

  19. THIS IS AMAZING! I saw this the other day, but it is so awkward to comment directly from your phone. I need to find me a spare of shoes so I can do this. As every crazy cat lady needs a pair of cat shoes in their life FACT!


  20. :O
    I clicked on this post on Bloglovin thinking 'I wonder where she got those from' - I GENUINELY thought you bought them like that! Well done you for making them look so good! :D

    N xo


  21. These are amazing. I went on a shoe making course this weekend, my very first pair of on my own hand made shoes are totally going to look like his! You have made me one very happy shoe addict! :-)

  22. I just found your blog as it was recommended by Jemma on dorkface.co.uk
    These are absolutely adorable and I would love to do them for the spring :)