- Thursday, 1 May 2014 -

Yay for May!

Hello my lovelies! I don't know about all of you, but I actually can't get my head around the fact that we're nearly at that halfway point through the year - it feels like just yesterday I was kneedeep in shots, celebrating the impending New Year and then I blinked and it's May, crazy right? Although don't get me wrong, I'm super psyched for those beautifully mild days where a cardigan is delightfully unnecessary and where every food order at an outdoor cafe comes with a crisp Kopparberg.

And I'm so thrilled that already you can see tiny hints of summer budding - quite literally as well! Every journey to work of mine consists of a quaint 25 minute walk along a lovely neighbourhood, where only recently I've began to notice a bunch of beautiful cherry blossom in bloom, lined along the pathway entrances of most of the houses. Something else I actually adore about May is the quite bipolar weather. I love that there'll be a few days of absolutely blissful weather and then there'll be an odd spout of rain - I relish in this inconsistency because it feels like the weather's making that final transition out of winter and finally stepping into summer mode. Additionally, I love that I'm seeing more and more people in the streets bringing their dogs out for walks, lately I've been meeting so many lovely owners and of course, getting smothered with affection by their doggies!

Of course, the most obvious thing that really gets people excited about May is that it's the first signal of summer, with long afternoons spent lazing around and a copious amount of trips to the beach, with ice cream in hand of course! So, with May in mind, I've conceived a few goals which I wish to accomplish for this month...

Buy a bright and colourful floral head piece: I've been lusting after one for quite some time now, but didn't really see it appropriate to be wearing in rainy weather.

Get into a good blogging routine: Since I started this little mini project of mine, the posts have been quite erratic as I only post when I can. It's not for lack of inspiration, it's honestly because I'm always just so busy! So, my major May goal is to post twice a week; Monday and Friday if possible as those are my two days free from work!

Spend more time channelling my creativity: This not only goes for my design work, but also for mini blog projects. I really want to feature some more DIYs on the blog, as my rainbow clips tutorial got such a brilliant reaction from readers :)

Buy some new cacti plants to brighten up the place: Admittedly, I've never been one to keep flowers as they just deteriorate so quickly! I already own some cute cactuses but would love to have the place swarming with them as they're so pretty and such low maintenance too! 

Make a dietary change: Okay, so everyone has their weaknesses, right? Superman had kryptonite, King Kong's was a beautiful woman and mine is chocolate. Oh, and I'm also going to ATTEMPT switching tea for green tea, a near impossible task, I know!

Spend less time sleeping, more time doing: Okay, so scratch that, I apparently have TWO fatal flaws, and the other is definitely my habitual evening nap. I've actually been napping for as long as I can remember, it just keeps you refreshed, ya'know? But I realise now, especially when the evenings are elongating with more promises in store, I do want to stay awake and use my time productively! 

Begin a new television series: I'm actually STILL in mourning over the concluding of Breaking Bad, so I definitely think it's long overdue that I find a new series to watch, suggestions anyone? 

What're your hopes and goals for May?


  1. Yay for more posts! I look forward to reading twice a week! Best of luck with the goals, and be sure to fill us in on how it goes. I finished Breaking Bad in January and STILL haven't found anything to replace it - please let me know as soon as you find something equally as spectacular haha!

    Steph x
    Lay It Bare

  2. Cacti are at the top of my list at the moment too! Those little Ikea ones in the colourful pots are adorable :3 x

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  3. Love the list! :) Breaking bad was SO good! I recently have finished Pretty Little Liars (its awesome!). I just started The Following with my family as well as Drop Dead Diva with my mom. Both are pretty good. I'm also a fan of White Collar and Burn Notice! Maybe one of those you would like! <3

  4. Excellent Babe, I'm so excited for May!

  5. Great post! You should definitely check out Devious Maids It's my current fav! Will&Grace is also a nice one, Witches of East End, Supernatural.. Oh and Desperate Housewives is great as well!

  6. I love May as well, I think it's one of my favorite months! And I like your goals, I'm trying to set up a good blogging routine as well! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  7. Brilliantly motivating list! I could do with following your lead and jumping into May with some clear direction.

    As for a tv series... There are SO many to choose from!! I just finished the third series of American Horror Story and am feeling a little lost! (I watch way too much netflix...) Can't wait to hear what you go for next!

    Faded Windmills

  8. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Step away from the green tea! IT IS THE DEVIL!!!

    (I'm so behind on blog reading haha)

  9. Hey hi, I work in a teashop and I just wanted to tell you that green tea is not better than black tea or white tea. All teas have the same benefits, you would need to drink 40 cups of green tea to make a difference. So stick up with your favorite tea! Every tea is great :)

    But I totally agree with the diet change, I really need to stop eating candies! But I have started to make smoothies and that totally working for me, I drink them between my breakfast and my diner, it keeps me full and it is delicious! Now I need to stop eating after souper, eating before going to bed is the worst...

    Oh and you should totally go for the floral headpiece! :)