- Monday, 5 May 2014 -

So many books, so little time

Hello my lovelies, hope everyone's making the most of their bank holiday weekend! As I'm typing this I'm currently curled up in a ball in bed, and no, it's not because I've succumbed to that dreadful sickness that's been floating around, but instead I've chosen to spend the day completely immersed in one of my books. 

You see, I probably could be partaking in something mildly more productive like heading off for a day at the beach or spending my time shopping in the high street, but today is one of those very rare days where it feels like all time is indeed standing still just for you - that you're given an invaluable free day off to relish in the blissfulness of doing absolutely nothing. I'll admit, I'm a very sporadic reader, that is unless a book grips me so furiously that I have to read it from start to finish without once putting it down (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had me like a hermit for days). However, luckily work actually affords me more opportunities than ever to read. Simply because even though caring for someone can be quite challenging, there is also a lot of free time where I can just sit with my client for hours lost in our own little worlds with our own little books. 

So, lately I've been reading 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak, 'The Luminaries' by Eleanor Catton, 'Every Day' by David Levithan and 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. I've not finished them all yet, but am slowly taking my time with them, absorbing every word, every sentence. However I will give you a brief synopsis/my two cents worth of them all.

'The Book Thief' - Okay, so this is going to sound so perverse and deluded but... I absolutely love reading anything regarding Nazi Germany and the tragedies of the holocaust (I did A-Level History, okay? I'm allowed to be weird). And to my absolute twisted delight, the story itself is narrated by Death himself. Liesel, our little protagonist is merely existing in this dreadful era and I suppose to keep herself sane and to somewhat suppress the horrors and confusion of the time she eh... Steals books. It's a very addictive little read and I'm so glad that I opted not to see the film but experience the book instead.

'The Luminaries' - Even though this book has one of the most promising blurbs and the most enchanting book covers I've seen in some time, I'm going to be honest, it's SO hard to get in to! We follow the life and times of Walter Moody who basically stumbles into a chain of mysteries and unsolved crimes one fateful night. The story itself is based back in the late 1800's so as can be expected, the writing style is quite complex. I'll admit, the book is difficult but it's so deliciously intriguing that you can't help but pick it back up again if you've found yourself flustered at it's intricacies (it's just me? Oh, okay then...).

'Every Day' - Throughout the entirety of this book there was but one question on my mind... HOW has no one thought of doing this before?! The protagonist, simply entitled "A" (in order to decrease general confusion) wakes up every morning playing host to a different body. Even though the other books have mostly taken priority lately, I'm still so excited to really get into this one! For the most part, "A" is quite content with the life he leads, not really having known any different, that is until one day - or one body should I say - he's thrust into the frame of Justin and lo and behold, meets Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon, you can just about guess what happens, right?

'The Fault in Our Stars' - I've admittedly avoided this book for as long as I humanly can because as "hipster" as this sounds, I don't really like reading books that have stumbled into the spotlight. But oh god, this book, it not only plucks at your heartstrings but then continues to rip your actual heart out. We're submerged into the cancer-ridden world of Hazel Grace, a teenager who simply can't escape her fate. That is until she meets Augustus Waters. Both living in a world full of fear and death, the two find solace in one another and of course, fall madly in love. I withdraw all other preconceptions that I previously felt, because this book is simply beautiful.

What books have you been loving/hating recently? 

  1. Not only is this superbly written, (as are all your posts to be honest), but it melted my heart and made me want to fall in love with reading all over again. I can just picture you and Joy sitting reading away with the sun streaming through the window - guh, teary!
    I find it hard to find the time to read and have done since Jake and I started seeing each other actually but lately I've been stealing myself away to bed early to read a chapter or two.
    'The Book Thief' sounds like something I'd enjoy too by the way...history for the win! :D

  2. I'm still reading through The Book Thief! I've not found that book that's just plunged me back into the bookworm whole this year yet so I've been taking ages to read through books.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. I've avoided The Fault In Our Stars for a long time for much the same reason, perhaps I should give it a go. I recently wrote about how I prefer reading books before films, but I've surprised myself there recently too. Xx http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12011655

  4. I am joining you on this very fine day, indulging in some time with my book. Over here the sun is very much high in the sky and I've been making the most of by reading in the garden : )

    I hope you're enjoying it?

    One thing from this post though, makes me want to be nosey... What do you do for work? If you don't mind me asking. I know, I know, not very English of me to pry, but I can't help but be interested! And if there's anything I've learnt from the Dutch, (besides to love coffee and to barter for everything you buy) that speaking your mind is ok (literally to the point of rudeness!!) Hahaha!!

    Faded Windmills

  5. I waited for a while before reading The Fault in Our Stars just because I'd lost dad to it and I'm so glad that I finally read it, it's so beautifully written and it really does tug at your heart. I find anything involving the World Wars fascinating too and I have The Book Thief on my Kindle as we speak but I haven't gotten round to reading it yet. There's just so many books x

  6. I loved the Book Thief, I haven't re-read it in years, I just might have to! I have The Fault In Our Stars but have yet to read it most likely because previous John Green books have left me underwhelmed haha.
    I'm currently loving re-reading The Two Towers because you know you can't beat good ole Lord Of The Rings.
    Kloe xx

  7. I want to read the fault in our stars as I have heard good things lately!! I just bought Gone Girl today and I am really excited to start it!

  8. Great post! I still have to read ' The Fault in Our Stars' My school gives me books to read for a mark. like 1 of the 5 books are good. the other once are quite boring. I like books that makes me not want to put it down. oh well.. what can I do (whispering: 'nothing')

  9. The Fault in our Stars made me weep more than any book has made me weep before. Can't wait for the movie to come out so I can feel the feels all over again!

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

  10. Awesome books dear !! i love to read books it just hard to find time to finish em up :) xxxx

  11. i really want to read the book thief! don't worry you're not the only one, i love reading anything relating to the holocaust too! so interesting.

    charl xo

  12. Awesome post! I think if I had a free day, I'd spend it reading :) Not gonna lie, I find books about WW2 and the Nazi's really interesting too.... in a good way! The Fault In Our Stars is such a good book, wait until you get to the end! xx


  13. All of these books are on my 'to read' list, if only there were more hours in the day! :(

  14. I've recently read The Book Thief and The Fault in Our Stars and loved them. The Book Thief was recommended to me by a colleague who was concerned about the upcoming film (which I intend to see but I wanted to read the film first). I was completely captivated by it and it totally wrecked me. Not the best book to read on the commute! Same with The Fault in Our Stars - I need to read happier books! I really enjoyed it and thought Green captured a teenage girl's thoughts well. The adaptation looks pretty faithful so I'm gonna give it a go - just not sure if I'm going to brave potential tears in the cinema yet!

  15. Definitely agree about The Luminaries! But once I got into it, I just couldnt put it down xx

    Jasmin Charlotte