- Wednesday, 28 May 2014 -

Newcastle Does Vintage!

Hello my lovelies! So, with it being a bank holiday weekend and the fact that I'm fortuitously off work of a Monday, what better way to spend it than at a lovely vintage fair? And I was in the best of company too as the wonderful Katie from Katie's World of Beauty was kind enough to come with me for a bit of a browse and a girly gossip! Poring over all the retro treasures and scanning the area for one-of-a-kind finds, my eyes were excited with all there was to see.

Held in the classically quaint Theatre Royal in Newcastle's city centre, the event was abuzz with budding fashionistas and colourful collectors alike, all scouring the scenes to find a hidden vintage gem. With stalls specialising in clothes, accessories, crockery, ornaments and everything else in between - there was always something to tickle your fancy! And with the event boasting a spectacular four floors of vintagey goodness, you were never short of something to do. 

Perhaps my favourite part of the vintage fair was meeting the whimsically wonderful Cat, a quirky designer who's doll house inspired pieces are just too cute! You'll notice that I actually haven't any photos of Cat's beautiful stock to show you, because Katie and myself were so busy chatting away to the bubbly designer, completely enthralled by her dainty dolls house pieces! However, if you like the sound of Cat's work, please have a gander at her lovely website Two Penny Lane, I promise you'll be in vintage heaven!


- Monday, 26 May 2014 -

Tick Tock

Hello you lovely lot! Hope you've all had a brilliant bank holiday weekend, hopefully with plenty of sunshine in lieu of this characteristically British weather we've been enduring lately. So, today I thought I'd share with you all a little something I treated myself to recently, as up until now I've actually been lacking in one! My dear readers, I invested in a watch. I can just about hear the sighs of broken excitement, as buying a watch isn't pretty interesting, right? Well, guys and gals that's were you're quite mistaken! I've never been fond of having my wrist play prisoner to a constant constricting timepiece, I could just never fathom it as fashionable, that was until the watch of my dreams walked into my life!

Mouth watering yet? This delicious design is part of Swatch's 'Pastry Chef' S/S collection where their candy, cupcake and confectionary themed pieces are good enough to eat! However, it was the Swatch 'Caramellissa' that had me drooling over the keyboard (TMI?), with it's ooey gooey pastels and nostalgic resemblance of children's candy necklaces, how could I resist?

As I mentioned previously, for me, probably one of the primary annoyances that comes with wearing a watch is the commitment - I could just never see myself routinely wrap one around my wrist for the duration of the day. However, the beauty about the 'Caramellissa' is that it looks and feels more like a bracelet, just another quirky accessory I've added to my collection of all things cute!

Do you wear a watch?


- Tuesday, 20 May 2014 -

Pretty Little Wishlist

Hello my lovelies, isn't this weather phenomenal?! I can't believe that it's still technically spring and yet we're experiencing this glorious heatwave! It's just so lovely to be able to leave coats, hats and scarves behind and justify eating your own body weight in ice cream. Okay, so today's post is admittedly a first for me as I've never ventured into the realms of list-making, but with a spending ban hanging over my head due to my attempts to save for summer, a girl can always dream, eh? This little list isn't themed so to speak, but it is comprised of all I find cute and quirky! 

Care Bear Wallet - I feel SO nostalgic every time I look at this enchanting accessory! In the past I've had a Deery Lou Sanrio purse and a big yellow, fuzzy wallet reminiscent of Jake from Adventure Time, so I'm quite fond of my cartoon-themed clutches.

Teapot Necklace - How daintily adorable is this little teapot necklace? A large part of me wishes I was tiny enough to use this teapot and have a mini tea-party with my fairy friends (too crazy?). I actually owned a larger version of this one however to my horror and devastation the little handle broke off it, which meant no more tiny tea-parties for me...

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - I know I'm immensely late to the party on this one as I'm pretty sure everyone's been coveting this beauty! Whether it's the novelty of having instant, retro-esque photographs or it's compact cuteness, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is what I've been dreaming of for summer! Snapping pics of friends and making memories, it isn't any wonder everyone's been lusting after one.

Floral Meadow Crown Headpiece - Nothing screams summer more than a gorgeous floral crown, especially come festival season! I love the multicoloured mix of flowers involved in this headpiece and can't help but think that it'd go really well with my candy-floss head!

Caramellissima Swatch Watch - Nope, your eyes aren't deceiving you, this watch's design is based on those candy necklaces you used to wear/nibble away on as a kid! I've seen this cutie pop up here and there recently and can't help but think that perhaps it's time I wore a watch too?

Kitten Jewellery Box - One of my greatest weaknesses is collecting trinket boxes to keep all my treasures in, and this little beauty is the cherry on top of the cake! With it's vintage and oh so adorable appearance, how can you say no? 

Donut Bag - Of course I saved the best for last as I'm even drooling over this beautiful bag as we speak! Why you ask? IT'S GOT DONUT SPRINKLES ON IT! Coming in a peachy perfect colour and forming a reasonable size, this bag is good enough to eat. 

What have you been coveting recently? 


- Sunday, 18 May 2014 -

Studio Ghibli Vs. Disney

Hello my lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend soaking up some glorious rays! Today's post is a bit of a weird one as I ponder the rivalry between two renowned animation companies, dominating both eastern and western culture: Disney and Studio Ghibli. 

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Disney was an integral part of my childhood, with the ocean of merchandise available and annoyingly addictive songs, it's immensely difficult to avoid the  phenomenon. I grew up whistling while I work and actively practising the concept of hakuna matata, Disney films were truly the greatest form of escapism, leaving you all fuzzy and warm inside with a greater perception of humankind. As an only child, I completely immersed myself in Disney culture, religiously watching the films, plaguing my mum to bring me to the Disney store - it was a good life. To this day I enjoy the odd Disney marathon, chuckling at the simple humour, still enchanted by the rainbow of colours and characters.

Recently though, I succumbed to the cult surrounding two Disney films in particular: Tangled and Frozen. But this cult wasn't construed by the younger generation, oh no, it was people MY age who were fangirling over the films releases - and I'm inclined to agree with them! Over the past few years I've seen a steady decline in the popularity and success of Disney films (I think it all started with that atrocity Brother Bear...), but my faith in humanity has been restored once again by the loveable characters and witty storylines.

But enough about Disney, if it's artistic brilliance and character substance you want, then look no further than Studio Ghibli. I'll admit, I didn't get into Studio Ghibli until a few years ago when I caught sight of teenager sporting a huge grey backpack that looked sorta like a Pokemon. Curious by this cute yet foreign creature I went up to her and asked her what that character was, her simply answering "Totoro." And as they say my friends, the rest is history. Watching a Studio Ghibli film is like watching a beautiful painting or work of art in motion and what major difference I've found between their characters and the characters of Disney is that they showcase more of a personality. Disney usually classically portray a character as either good or evil whereas I've found that you actually get to know the individuals in a Studio Ghibli feature, you witness their joy and their plights. Therefore, I'd conclude that nostalgically, Disney feeds my inner child, whereas films like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle may actually be more adult appropriate; having a bit more substance to them.

What Disney or Studio Ghibli films are your favourite?

- Sunday, 11 May 2014 -

Lipstick, Powder and Paint

Hello my lovelies! I know, I know, I had promised you (and myself) a blogpost every Monday and Friday throughout the month of May but with work being so hectic and the weather being absolutely abysmal for photography, I've been stuck in a real rut! But fear not dear readers as I will always try my best to deliver SOMETHING to sate your blogging hunger. So, something I always get questioned about - apart from my hair obvz - is my makeup. I've resorted to the same routine for about 6 years now, after various terrible experimental attempts with finding the right products for me (yes, I was the 12 year old who caked her entire face in Dream Matte Mousse and felt fierce as fuck).

I'm sorry but it has to be said... My makeup bag is definitely better than yours. For the simple reason that it's got a beautifully painted portrait of Moomins on the front! But I digress, I wanna share with you my makeup story first: for as long as I can remember, I've had problematic skin, suffering from severe acne, you can imagine that growing up for me wasn't easy. No matter how much coverage I'd use, it never seemed enough to hide the irritated redness of my flawed face. I began to give up, as creams, ointments and medication were proving pointless, that was until I discovered Estee Lauder's Double Wear. This might all sound very superficial to some of my readers, but you have to understand that as an only child I had no guidance whatsoever in the realms of beauty, so I'm quite pleased that I found my liquid confidence all on my own.

 Now, as you can probably guess, this isn't the complete contents of my makeup bag, the above displays what products I use on a daily basis. First on is of course Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light, a very - funnily enough - LIGHT foundation, which offers flawless coverage which stays put throughout the day. It's beautifully luminous without being too dewy and the shades are a perfect skintone match for me - hooray! The foundation itself doesn't suffocate the skin and provides an even, natural coverage. After I've slapped on some Estee Lauder, I go straight to filling in my brows, which are naturally dark in hue. Benefit's Brow Shaping Kit is a recent find of mine, yet it's already proved it's worth. There's both a wax and a shadow to alternate between, the result being perfectly sculpted brows!

Next up is applying wee dabs of Benefit's Primer to my eyelids, so that my eyeliner doesn't smudge or bleed away. Now, I know some of you may be fond/feel safer applying eyeliner with a brush or even a pencil, but dear readers, me and this eyeliner go WAY back. At the tender age of 13 I was a certified pro at whipping on Bourjois eyeliner without a shadow of a smudge. Thank god for angsty teenage emo phases, right? 

After perfecting my eyelids, naturally mascara comes next. And may I just say that the amount of times people have asked "oh my god, are they fake lashes?" is countless. After using Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara, I can safely say that I never have to indulge in fake eyelashes ever again. The mascara extends my eyelashes a good 50%, making my eyes appear wider and oh so sultry! After I'm done fluttering my eyes in the mirror at myself (I'm the only one who does this? Oh, okay...), I then proceed to pick out a lipstick for the day, my most used being MAC's Saint Germain, Up The Amp and Rebel as the pink and purple tones match perfectly with my hair. 

Last to prep, is the cheeks. I've never been into rosy or natural tones for my cheeks so I tend to go a bit wild with pinky hues as I love looking like a pure candyfloss freak these days! Benefit's Hervana Blusher is without a doubt, my favourite face powder ever, giving you a rather angelic appearance afterwards. And to top the look off, I finish with a wee bit of highligher, to further illuminate the face (making me look even more angelic).  

What's your favourite makeup products?


- Monday, 5 May 2014 -

So many books, so little time

Hello my lovelies, hope everyone's making the most of their bank holiday weekend! As I'm typing this I'm currently curled up in a ball in bed, and no, it's not because I've succumbed to that dreadful sickness that's been floating around, but instead I've chosen to spend the day completely immersed in one of my books. 

You see, I probably could be partaking in something mildly more productive like heading off for a day at the beach or spending my time shopping in the high street, but today is one of those very rare days where it feels like all time is indeed standing still just for you - that you're given an invaluable free day off to relish in the blissfulness of doing absolutely nothing. I'll admit, I'm a very sporadic reader, that is unless a book grips me so furiously that I have to read it from start to finish without once putting it down (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows had me like a hermit for days). However, luckily work actually affords me more opportunities than ever to read. Simply because even though caring for someone can be quite challenging, there is also a lot of free time where I can just sit with my client for hours lost in our own little worlds with our own little books. 

So, lately I've been reading 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak, 'The Luminaries' by Eleanor Catton, 'Every Day' by David Levithan and 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green. I've not finished them all yet, but am slowly taking my time with them, absorbing every word, every sentence. However I will give you a brief synopsis/my two cents worth of them all.

'The Book Thief' - Okay, so this is going to sound so perverse and deluded but... I absolutely love reading anything regarding Nazi Germany and the tragedies of the holocaust (I did A-Level History, okay? I'm allowed to be weird). And to my absolute twisted delight, the story itself is narrated by Death himself. Liesel, our little protagonist is merely existing in this dreadful era and I suppose to keep herself sane and to somewhat suppress the horrors and confusion of the time she eh... Steals books. It's a very addictive little read and I'm so glad that I opted not to see the film but experience the book instead.

'The Luminaries' - Even though this book has one of the most promising blurbs and the most enchanting book covers I've seen in some time, I'm going to be honest, it's SO hard to get in to! We follow the life and times of Walter Moody who basically stumbles into a chain of mysteries and unsolved crimes one fateful night. The story itself is based back in the late 1800's so as can be expected, the writing style is quite complex. I'll admit, the book is difficult but it's so deliciously intriguing that you can't help but pick it back up again if you've found yourself flustered at it's intricacies (it's just me? Oh, okay then...).

'Every Day' - Throughout the entirety of this book there was but one question on my mind... HOW has no one thought of doing this before?! The protagonist, simply entitled "A" (in order to decrease general confusion) wakes up every morning playing host to a different body. Even though the other books have mostly taken priority lately, I'm still so excited to really get into this one! For the most part, "A" is quite content with the life he leads, not really having known any different, that is until one day - or one body should I say - he's thrust into the frame of Justin and lo and behold, meets Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon, you can just about guess what happens, right?

'The Fault in Our Stars' - I've admittedly avoided this book for as long as I humanly can because as "hipster" as this sounds, I don't really like reading books that have stumbled into the spotlight. But oh god, this book, it not only plucks at your heartstrings but then continues to rip your actual heart out. We're submerged into the cancer-ridden world of Hazel Grace, a teenager who simply can't escape her fate. That is until she meets Augustus Waters. Both living in a world full of fear and death, the two find solace in one another and of course, fall madly in love. I withdraw all other preconceptions that I previously felt, because this book is simply beautiful.

What books have you been loving/hating recently? 


- Thursday, 1 May 2014 -

Yay for May!

Hello my lovelies! I don't know about all of you, but I actually can't get my head around the fact that we're nearly at that halfway point through the year - it feels like just yesterday I was kneedeep in shots, celebrating the impending New Year and then I blinked and it's May, crazy right? Although don't get me wrong, I'm super psyched for those beautifully mild days where a cardigan is delightfully unnecessary and where every food order at an outdoor cafe comes with a crisp Kopparberg.

And I'm so thrilled that already you can see tiny hints of summer budding - quite literally as well! Every journey to work of mine consists of a quaint 25 minute walk along a lovely neighbourhood, where only recently I've began to notice a bunch of beautiful cherry blossom in bloom, lined along the pathway entrances of most of the houses. Something else I actually adore about May is the quite bipolar weather. I love that there'll be a few days of absolutely blissful weather and then there'll be an odd spout of rain - I relish in this inconsistency because it feels like the weather's making that final transition out of winter and finally stepping into summer mode. Additionally, I love that I'm seeing more and more people in the streets bringing their dogs out for walks, lately I've been meeting so many lovely owners and of course, getting smothered with affection by their doggies!

Of course, the most obvious thing that really gets people excited about May is that it's the first signal of summer, with long afternoons spent lazing around and a copious amount of trips to the beach, with ice cream in hand of course! So, with May in mind, I've conceived a few goals which I wish to accomplish for this month...

Buy a bright and colourful floral head piece: I've been lusting after one for quite some time now, but didn't really see it appropriate to be wearing in rainy weather.

Get into a good blogging routine: Since I started this little mini project of mine, the posts have been quite erratic as I only post when I can. It's not for lack of inspiration, it's honestly because I'm always just so busy! So, my major May goal is to post twice a week; Monday and Friday if possible as those are my two days free from work!

Spend more time channelling my creativity: This not only goes for my design work, but also for mini blog projects. I really want to feature some more DIYs on the blog, as my rainbow clips tutorial got such a brilliant reaction from readers :)

Buy some new cacti plants to brighten up the place: Admittedly, I've never been one to keep flowers as they just deteriorate so quickly! I already own some cute cactuses but would love to have the place swarming with them as they're so pretty and such low maintenance too! 

Make a dietary change: Okay, so everyone has their weaknesses, right? Superman had kryptonite, King Kong's was a beautiful woman and mine is chocolate. Oh, and I'm also going to ATTEMPT switching tea for green tea, a near impossible task, I know!

Spend less time sleeping, more time doing: Okay, so scratch that, I apparently have TWO fatal flaws, and the other is definitely my habitual evening nap. I've actually been napping for as long as I can remember, it just keeps you refreshed, ya'know? But I realise now, especially when the evenings are elongating with more promises in store, I do want to stay awake and use my time productively! 

Begin a new television series: I'm actually STILL in mourning over the concluding of Breaking Bad, so I definitely think it's long overdue that I find a new series to watch, suggestions anyone? 

What're your hopes and goals for May?