- Tuesday, 1 April 2014 -

Cute as a button!

Hello my lovelies and a very happy April to you all! The year is absolutely whizzing past us, which can only be a good thing because I'm so excited for summer! I can see it now... Hazy, lazy days spent sipping Kopparberg on the freshly cut grass with closest friends, random road trips to god knows where, heading to the beach and gingerly dipping your toes in the cool sea water - ahh absolute bliss. Speaking of all things lovely and dreamy, I was luckily afforded the opportunity to work with the wonderful Joanna Osborn to assist in raising awareness of her beautiful jewellery pieces. 

Jo's Lymehouse Jewellery collection is brimming with delightfully unique pieces, her most notable being her beautiful button earrings, which she was kind enough to allow me to review. As you all know, I'm a sucker for anything quirky and cute, so these were right up my street! Before arrival, Jo was very attentive and accommodating in knowing what style of button earring I'd prefer to be sent out, but to be honest, I was just so grateful that I was receiving such gorgeous earrings in the first place! When they finally arrived, I couldn't open the package quick enough. Planted inside were not one but TWO pairs of dainty button earrings and the loveliest little note accompanying them from Jo, thoughtfully stating that "the pink ones go with your hair!"

In today's fashion trends, sometimes I can feel quite overwhelmed by overpowering statement necklaces and mammoth cocktail rings, that sometimes the simplest of pieces can stand out the most. I absolutely adore my dainty button earrings and am quite pleased to say that they go with anything! I couldn't recommend Lymehouse Jewellery more for their beautiful collection of bits and bobs, if you're quite the jewellery magpie like me, you should definitely check it out!

What lovely bits and bobs have you purchased recently?


  1. Oh my goodness those earrings and butterflies are so cute, and suit you so well! Jo was completely right when she said it'd go with your hair as it does! :) Life as a Petite xx

  2. Those are so cute, I will be checking out the products for myself! :) xx

  3. I think that those earrings are so cute!

  4. I love these so much! I'm a sucker for little cute earrings.


  5. These are so cute! I've been looking all over for some butterfly hairclips!
    They look so cute on you :D


  6. They are seriously cute!

  7. These are so cute, love them!



  8. Everyone else has already said it, but they are SO CUTE!! Lol.

    And yes...I can feel the kopperberg calling...yes...

  9. The earrings are so cute! I used to have my ears pierced but then I got a really bad infection and I've been too afraid to get them re-peirced. :P I had all these cute ones, music notes and guitars...I miss them! Lol and I love the butterflies too! Are those hair clips?